Thailand Family Package-Safest Way to Travel after COVID

safe way to travel in Thailand after covid

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia.
It is well known for its incredible tropical beaches, its ancient ruins, its ostentatious palaces. On top of that, many more elements that have made it one of the favorite destinations to travel to Thailand after covid, alone or with family.
During the pandemic, it was almost impossible to travel. But now Thailand is getting ready to receive all tourists who want to know this paradise. Thailand is on its way to being a completely safe destination to spend holidays.

If you’re planning your family vacations in Thailand, the first thing you should know is that covid shouldn’t stop you. In this destination, it is possible to spend incredible days without interacting with strangers and you could choose that the private guide is the only one to interact with your family members, clearly, this will be completely free of the virus and will always maintain security measures.

In relation to Covid

As for these days, vaccinated tourists still have to undergo a quarantine period. However, the quarantine place would be Phuket island – All the island! Of course, they will have to undergo a coronavirus test, have to wait for the results at the hotel. Then, as being negative, they will be able to leave freely.
It is important to keep in mind that despite giving negatives, you must keep protecting yourself during all your vacations, but we assure you that it will not be an impediment to an incredible vacation.

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We recommend that you choose a nice Thailand family package that includes everything you need, from walks to the dishes that you and your family will eat, this in order to avoid contact with many people. We leave you below the best activities to do as a family during your trip:

Visit as many islands as you can

There are more than 1,400 islands, not forgetting the coastal areas of the peninsula, so there are options to satisfy all types of families. You can enjoy the warm sea and share unique moments, such as taking a small excursion along the coast, canoeing, or snorkeling to see the great variety of fish of all colors that inhabit its waters.

Covid safe Outdoor activities

A good decision is to visit one of its water parks. Everything will depend on the area of the country you visit and your age. It is best to visit the island of Phuket, as it mixes leisure options with tranquility very well.

Animal experiences

When traveling to Thailand with children you cannot miss the opportunity to observe its rich fauna. Animals are found in the wild in many natural areas. But they can also be seen in spaces and sanctuaries where they respect their rights.

Eating in Thailand

This country is characterized by its special food that is praised all over the world. It reflects the warmth, generosity, and freshness of its culture, through a wide range of typical dishes. Pad Thai stands out, the popular rice noodles sauteed with vegetables and meat.


Do all these activities and you will have unforgettable holidays, do not let covid ruin the moment and have fun. With caution everything will be possible and little by little we will adapt to this new reality.



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