Rome Accommodation: Things To Do in Rome, Italy

rome accommodation

rome accommodation

Rome is by far one of the most exotic places to visit any time. A mixture of cultural beauty, architectural heritage, religious significance, and love, Rome is a place you can go to with your friends, family, loved ones, or even alone. This time, we are not here to tell you where to visit in Rome about things that you will usually find anywhere else. The colosseum, etc are not on our list this time. To provide you with a  unique experience, we have listed down some extraordinary things you can do or visit in Rome, that most tourists and travelers don’t know about. Get ready for the unique journey ahead. If you want to search for some exotic Rome accommodation, you can visit vacation saga and pick up your favorite. It is the best option to rent in Rome.

1. Santo Stefano Rotondo-

If you are planning Rome vacations, then the church of Santo Stefano Rotondo should be definitely on your itinerary. It Is one of the largest and oldest circular churches in the world. This church was built on top of a Mithraic temple in the 5th century AD. It is dedicated to St. Stephen, who Is considered to be the first martyr. The beautiful frescoes, the portraits, and the paintings are going to blow your breath away. Tuesday to Sunday timing is between 10 AM to 1 PM and 2 pm To 5 PM and on Monday church is closed.


2. St. Clement Basilica-

If you love exploring the unexplored, this three-tiered complex at St. Clement Basilica is a perfect place for you. It dates back to the 6h century AD. Upon entry, you will see the beautiful basilica interior with its majestic paintings and work. For an added fees then you can explore the excavations on the lower level. Normal invaders destroyed it. In the third level, you will find a 1st-century Roman house and a temple to Mithras which is majestic. You can hear the sound of the subterranean river flowing through this drain.

3. St. Peter’s Dome-

No, we are not telling you to visit St. peter’s Dome, but rather experience is an optical illusion from far away. If you go and watch the dome from a long hilltop road end, the dome appears to be huge and majestic. As you start walking towards it, the dome will start to appear smaller to the point, where it is almost tiny.  This is basically due to the layout of this building. when watched from a moving vehicle, this illusion can be captured at its best.

4. Oldest and longest road of Rome-

Yes, Via Appia Antica is the oldest and longest road in Rome. It stretches to southeast Italy till Brindisi. It was one of the most important Roman roads strategically. This road is named after Appius Claudius Caecus, who completed the first 90 km construction of this road around 310 BC. The road now is surrounded by gorgeous pines, shrubs, and grassy fields. The three major catacombs on the way are San Callisto, San Sebastiano, and Santa Domitilla. You can visit at least one of them during your visit here. On Sunday, this road is closed due to traffic, so there are mostly pedestrians here. It will be the best day to reach here.

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5. Baroque Palace-

This beautiful and majestic piece of construction was built to celebrate the Barberini family’s rise to power around the 16th century. The large and majestic fresco and paintings inside the palace will leave you wondering about its beauty. The three most famous works of San Francis in Meditation, Narcissus, and Judith Beheading Holophernes by Caravaggio cannot be missed at any cost. These are the paintings you will hardly find anywhere else, but match the glamour to any other famous one.

6. Walk around the streets-

Yes, Rome is not just about visiting historical monuments. Its streets and lanes are as beautiful as its history. If you want to witness the beauty of Rome streets, go on the other side of the Tiber river, towards Trastevere. It was originally the home of the working class, but now it has some of the most beautiful streets in Rome. You should not miss rusty orange buildings with cobbled streets.

For doing these things, you might want to have a lengthy period for your Rome vacations. Apart from searching for Rome accommodation to rent in Rome, you will also have to visit the conventional tourist places because they are no fewer. For other extra days, you can convert your experience into a unique one by visiting the places mentioned above. These places will give you an untouched feeling which no one else gets usually.

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