Things You Probably Don’t Know About Logo Designs in 2020-2021

logo design in Noida

logo design in Noida

Do you know? It only takes 10 seconds for the end-user to create an impression (good or bad) simply based on your company’s logo design. To determine your success, you need to focus on good branding to create a long-lasting impact on the customer. Smart website owners know how to develop their designs in a brand new avatar with a fresh touch of modernism. In this age of transformation, businesses whether small or large cannot turn a blind eye to the upcoming logo design trends. They have to heavily focus on reimagining, reinventing, and renovating their existing web design strategies by leveraging fresh technologies. If you wish to create a creative logo design in Noida or elsewhere, then revamp or give a fresh start by employing a good website designing company.

As the virtual world is progressing day by day, the company must establish its long-lasting brand identity in the prevailing market. 

With over 560 million active internet users in India alone, it becomes increasingly paramount for the new or established brands to have a recognizable and easily identifiable logo that stands out from the rest.

Having said that, let’s learn about some of the interesting facts and statistics about logo designs that will leave you awestruck.

Eye-Opening Facts About Logo Design You Should Know in 2020

  • In 2018, Netflix- an over-the-top video content platform has spent over $1.8 billion on just creating a branding.
  • Each year, Coca-Cola on average spends $3.96 billion on logo designs.
  • Whenever users go shopping, more than 33% of consumers have a particular brand in mind.
  • Choosing the right combination of colors can magically enhance your brand recognition by up to 80 percent.
  • The biggest giants like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Google are recognized as one of the most influential brands worldwide.
  • The iconic Coca-Cola logo design can be effortlessly recognized by 90% of the global population.
  • In the world, 7 types of logo designs generally exist- Abstract, Mascot, Combination mark, Emblem, Lettermark, Pictorial mark, and Wordmark.
  • There’s always a hidden meaning behind every logo design. For Instance, the yellow arrow in the Amazon logo is not just a smile. It means the #Number 1 e-commerce website sells everything from A to Z.
  • Around 40% of the fortune companies in the entire world uses mostly blue color in their logos
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It is now evident that logo design is one of the most powerful tools or instruments that can quickly make or break the success of your dream venture. Thus, professionally communicate your brand image by outsourcing reliable logo design in Noida like Agio Support.

10 Undisputable Logo Design Trends You Need to Adopt in 2021 & Beyond

As the year 2020 almost winds up, it is time to take over the branding sphere in the upcoming years by exploring the various graphic design trends. 

In the year 2021, the online world will witness some of the most-innovative and new-age logo design trends that will change the way businesses work.

Here, we have mentioned the top 10 logo design trends that will bring a revolutionary change in the virtual world victoriously:

  1. Animated Cartoon Logos
  2. 3D and Isometric Logos
  3. Hand-Drawn Imagery
  4. Overlapping Text
  5. Optical Illusions
  6. Stained Glass
  7. Kooky Characters
  8. Simplistic Geometry
  9. Modernized Symbolism
  10. Analogous Color Schemes

From simplicity to retro style logos, the upcoming hottest logo design trends will provide a plethora of opportunities for aspiring web designers to turn their wild imagination into impeccable graphics that the world has never imagined before.

The 2021 logo design trends could help businesses of different size and shape to take over the online sphere competently, to establish consistency and to spread brand awareness across the world positively.

Therefore, bring a pleasant yet creative experience for the millions of online users by developing striking logos from Agio Support. 

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