Darjeeling – The Tea Garden of India

Darjeeling hill station

You must have seen Darjeeling many times in Indian films. Hollywood also featured the world famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in a film. It is a small railway service that passes through the mountains. On this journey you can enjoy spectacular natural scenery. Actually, the city is a hill station located in West Bengal and you can see snow-capped peaks here. 

Darjeeling is situated in the outer Himalayas and located in the Mahabharata mountain range, Darjeeling really feels like heaven. The city has been known as a tourist destination since the British rule. Also, the huge tea plantations and quality tea are popular all over the world. In fact, various types of teas and different quality teas are extensively exported from Darjeeling. 

War Memorial

Although Darjeeling is a quiet and beautiful city today, its history has been very volatile. There have been many wars to control this city. In today’s case, those who demand a separate Gorkhaland commit sporadic violence every now and then. If you are going to Darjeeling, then do not forget to see the War Memorial built against the backdrop of the huge snow-capped peak. Photographers absolutely love this destination. 

Biodiversity of Darjeeling 

In Darjeeling, you can see alpine and lash temperate forests with sal and oak trees. Despite the change in weather, the the forests are lush, giving a new dimension to tourism. There are also some natural parks in the city. Of these, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park and Lloyd Botanical Garden are the main ones. In the evening time, you will get to see a large number of nature lovers and photographers at these places. The city is also famous for a variety of orchids. 

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The West Bengal Forest Department has the responsibility of conserving wildlife in the region. A common rhinoceros, elephant, Indian tiger, leopard and Padha are some of the common animals found in this region. The city is also well know for the wide variety of birds. You can see many beautiful migratory birds flying here. You can enjoy shopping on the Mall Road of Darjeeling. If you know how to bargain, you can buy some good things at cheap prices. 

The local mountains at Darjeeling provides a perfect location for adventure seekers and trekkers who come here every month to embark upon these long journeys. Just like phulara ridge trek, there are many treks that a beginner can embark upon to start his journey into the wild.

The locals are quite friendly. They celebrate the festivals of Durga Puja, Diwali and Kali Puja with full fervor here. Apart from this, a large number of local festivals are also celebrated here. Needless to say, anytime you go to Darjeeling, you will get the atmosphere. Buddhist monasteries acquaint the travelers with the local culture of Darjeeling

Food at Darjeeling

Enjoying the local cuisine here can prove to be a memorable experience. Momoj (a type of dumplings) has a great popularity in the region. Locals serve it with hot sauce and cook using chicken, beef, vegetable or pork. Other street foods include a variety of noodle soups and some spicy rice staple. 

Colonial Construction

You can see many colonial constructions in Darjeeling. The British rule kept the city well organized. You can still see the remains of British Rule in the city. A number of buildings constructed under the British Empire are still intact. The beauty of the church built in the Gothic style is worth seeing here. 


The people of the city make it worth visiting even more. They are quite lively and are adept at playing a variety of instruments. Music lovers often write about the various small street clubs here. If seen, the music has dissolved in the culture here. 

It can be an ideal place if you want to go out alone or with family. Many small towns are close by here. If you want to visit other cities in the northern region of West Bengal, then Darjeeling will act as a base for you. 

Nearby Tourist Destinations 

Darjeeling has a lot to offer for tourists. Prominent among them are Happy Valley Tea Estate, Lloyd Botanical Garden, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Batasia Loop and War Memorial, Cable Car, Bhutia Busty Gompa and Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Museum. 

It would be best to roam the tea plantation in Darjeeling. If you want, you can choose some of the best teas in the world from here. Darjeeling tea estate also exports large quantity of tea each year. Happy Valley Tea Estate is one of the places where the administration allows tourists to roam.

Darjeeling Weather 

Summer, Rain and winter constitute the main seasons of Darjeeling. Where the summer season is normal, there is a cold winter here. 

How to reach

All the major parts of West Bengal connect to Darjeeling by road or rail. Like many other famous tourist destinations, reaching here is not a difficult task.

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