Privacy Policy

At agio we are concerned about the privacy of our visitors and thus give high priority in keeping the data safe without network. Below, we have shared the information about privacy policy and the clauses that us to make your visit to our portal secured. Also, from time to time we keep updating these policies, thus, we request the users to keep visiting this page to remain updated about the change in regulations. Information stored in our network will help us to make the user experience better, we store:

Page viewed by the visitors, time spent on the website. Resources and information accessed from the particular location, browser and ISP (internet service provider) Details provided by the user to access certain features of the website such as Name, personal details. Any purchase or order details made on the website.

The personal information is also accessed in the form of cookies that help us to load the preferences of the user fast. If the cookies are stored in the network of the repetitive user, they help in making the site work faster. User has full rights to delete the same from the browser at any time deemed fit. Cookies can also be turned off at any time by the user through browser settings.

Data sharing:

We do not share any information about our users to any unauthorised public, private entity or individual. Our information may flow to authorised parties such as payment gateways to make the transactions. Local governing bodies in case of any legal issues are involved, such as fraud or illegal activity in which user may be involved directly or indirectly. Other than this we may only share the information with the buyers of the company, that is, if it ever happens.

We make sure to notify our users for any change or modification but still visiting this page is recommended to every visitor.

Other than the above mentioned information you may have other questions in mind for which you can contact us. We will revert back within 72 working hours.