Terms and Conditions

The users of the agio website, we here have represented our terms and conditions to use this website and any of its parts. The internet based company hopes that these terms will help the user to understand the way of using the information available on the main and branches of the website. Any material or data shared also falls under the same category and we request your to not reproduce the same with any other label or name.

The data available under the banner of agio is under copyright of the company. Any information, image or data used without proper permits shall violate the copyright act and we request to take them down immediately. A legal action may be taken in such cases.

For the reference purpose the terminologies such as joint venture, co-worker or media partners may be used but that does not give any right of using the information without written formal permits.

Also, being a professional firm we respect the copyrights of other brands and recommend to suggest us if any part of portion of the website, content or data seemed to be copied. We will immediately take down the disputed data and will only use it after proper resolution of the case.

Third Party Accesses:

While surfing on our website you may find certain ads or promotional banners. We don't guarantee about any information shown or the data shared with such ads. They are merely for the promotion of different products and services and we recommend the users to go through the information carefully before sharing any information. The sponsored links may also redirect you to the different domain, we do not share any authority with such domains and would suggest the user to visit them at their own risk.

No reverse Engineering:

We limit our users from making any illegal hack attempt on the website or any of its part intentionally or non-intentionally. Do not try to reverse engineer, download or modify any part of the website as it is illegal and we will be taking proper legal action against such users.

Also, injecting any kind of malware program or destroying the integrity of the website is not the legal practice and will again be handled using the law.

No Warranties:

Any personal damage to the user while using the website is the responsibility of the user, we don't guarantee any recovery for such losses. There may be human errors available in the information present on the website and we do not claim for such mistakes. However, such inaccuracies can be reported to the website management and we will make sure to correct them to the best knowledge as soon as possible.

We can change any part or information of the website at any time without any prior notice. Thus, the user need to look at these information carefully in order to remain updated.