12 Reasons To Learn PHP In 2020

learn php in 2020

Websites are getting more powerful and compelling as programming languages behind them are developing. Today, we find the internet flooded with billions of websites. Out of them, more than 60 percent of the websites are created on the PHP framework. PHP has emerged since the decade, and it is one of the best tools to create any type of website and web application. The online world is quite enormous, with something new coming every month or a year. However, there are still many reasons why PHP exists and will remain in the future. In this article, I will tell 12 reasons why you should learn PHP in 2020.

Top 12 Reasons To Learn PHP In 2020

1. PHP Is Open Source

Any open-source programming language has a bright future because of brilliant communities supporting them. These organizations allow new and experienced PHP developers to meet and solve common bugs, thereby eliminating the current limitations.

2. PHP Is Dominating

PHP started dominating from the time it started its journey. Although there are languages like Ruby, Python, .NET, and many others, PHP has a cutting edge over all of them. Websites demand scalability and speed, which PHP offers at its best. That’s why, platforms like Wikipedia, Flickr, and even Facebook are built on PHP.

3. PHP Is Flexible

The language allows its users to customize applications to any extent they want. Nowadays, a development platform should be able to adjust itself according to new changes now and then. PHP is absolutely flexible, and this feature makes it a top choice among all kinds of developers.

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4. PHP Frameworks

CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony are some of the popular frameworks for PHP. These platforms offer all the facilities to developers while creating new web applications. PHP also has thousands of tools within its huge library that helps to create simple websites as well as complex applications for enterprises.

5. Easy To Learn

When compared to other web development languages, particularly JavaScript, PHP is much easier to grasp. Developers who are new in the web development field generally seek a platform that is easy to understand. You will easily find thousands of tutorials if you are a newbie or an experienced professional.

6. Better Opportunities

Because a major fraction of websites are made in the PHP framework, you will undoubtedly find job openings for this programming language. In countries like India, you will easily become a developer in a PHP web development company. Projects made in PHP are effective and therefore, most of the web development companies work on PHP.

7. PHP Integrates With New Trends

A language should change with new changes in the market. PHP makes sure that it integrates with the upcoming IT trends like machine learning, AI, robotics, blockchain, cloud computing, etc. All these trends are going to be the next thing after some years. Thus, you should start learning PHP.

8. Platform Independent

PHP is independent of any platform that exists in the IT industry. Whether you have Windows, Linux, macOS, or any other operating system, PHP can run on every platform. As a result, the limitation of many PHP web development services will reduce to some extent. 

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9. Server Capability

Server computing requires a programming language that could manage tasks efficiently. PHP is a server-side scripting language, and it can manage thousands of tasks simultaneously. Online communities related to PHP are working to further increase its current potential.

10. Database Management

PHP can be used to quickly retrieve data from the internet. Databases are a set of tables where records of data are stored. Programs are created by programmers to retrieve data from these tables. PHP has a few lines of code to manage all tasks related to database management.

11. Light-Weight

Applications developed in PHP are light-weighted. They do not consume much of your computer’s resources for processing and other tasks. Such a programming language is the best fit for large scale applications because loads of computation will be done quite efficiently.

12. Cloud Computing

With PHP, you can easily deploy applications, analyze data, build APIs, customize, and scale applications. PHP is the best in managing all these tasks which are crucial in cloud computing. Also, the language is growing quickly as cloud computing finds its application in various fields.

Final Thoughts

You should learn PHP in 2020 because it is going to rule in the future. Applications today need to expand to comply with new demands and trends. Thus, they need a programming language like PHP for survival. On the other hand, the IT industry sees new changes and advanced technologies. PHP makes it easy for developers to create any type of web application. In addition, PHP solutions are readily available in the market because of its demand getting higher. In this article, we also learned that enterprise applications require huge computation in less time and how PHP solves this problem. Ultimately, PHP will grow sharply and take this world by storm in the future.

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