7 Best Content curation tools you should know about

best content curation tools

Marketing has been a demanding job for decades and only seems to be developing more aspects, angles and perspectives by the day. Marketers adhere to creative strategies and strong analysis to contribute to a final goal of increasing brand awareness. Content takes up a huge section in a marketing strategy and seems to be one of the most time consuming jobs to curate original content that may or may not be of relevance to your audience in order to increase user engagement in your brand.  

With the increasing demand of content for multiple platforms and purposes including social media posts,  infographics and blogs and so on, the amount of effort and time increases. The main purpose of content should not just be explaining and informing about the product or services you are selling, but to generate interest in the customer’s intellect. This is where the free content curation tools help in picking up relevant content in respect to your audience. 

Content curation tools


A mobile as well as desktop app, Flipboard allows their users to create small magazines that come with links to blog posts, websites or their favorite news stories. In addition, the app allows you to make your magazine public, allowing other users to follow your content and maybe even share it on different social media networks. 

With an easy to use interface, flipboard is free for use. It simply requires you to download the app first, create your account and just click in create magazine to start your journey of curating great pieces of content. 

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As the name itself suggests, pocket facilitates itself as a perfect destination to find content and save it to share it later. The app allows you to tag articles when grouping them and then the websites built in search feature makes it easy to find them later. So instead of sending like a million emails to yourself with links to your articles referenced or the ones that may come of use later, you can keep all those articles, images or videos in one place. Moreover it offers seamless integration with 500 other apps.


Elink.io comes with over 30 responsive templates which are easy to browse and can be changed according to the user’s need and have served over 80,000 users over the world with their amazing tools in respect to quality of the content as well as speed. The tools available allow its users save the links when they are browsing and further turn them into great pieces of shareable content. Furthermore users have the options to convert their links into web pages, send them as newsletters or even embed them in a blog or webpage.

Twitter lists

Twitter lists come extremely handy in managing the mess that comes if the users can’t manage to organise the accounts they are following. So twitter lists allows you to curate twitter users in groups that you can categorise and separately follow them other than your feed. It would be better even to use a pocket account with it, this will let you save your articles easily from twitter into your account directly. 

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With a user interface very similar to pinterest, scoop.it is like a nexus of social media and online content curation tools. When you start with searching for a topic, scoop it will present the article with most relevance to browse and share with some additional suggestions to extra topics and users that to follow with similar interests. Scoop.it also shares daily updates regarding the topics followed by you in respect to what is of relevance to you.


A supercharged RSS feed, where there are two routes to content curation. First is their own powered news aggregation route that works by adding some of your preferred courses to it that you can browse in a single place of your choice on your laptop or mobile. Another route basically includes visiting only a single site at a time, copying the url and then accordingly paste it.


In reference to content curation tools, simply is basically a platform for conversion that facilitates its users to for eg- attach a button to the page that leads them to your personal website which basically allows them to discover while they are reading or browsing. It also provides an additional feature of shortening your link enough to share it on twitter.

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