Why Daily Blogging is Overrated

Daily Blogging

Blogging, well it’s a terrible tale of the digital age, starting with excitement and adventure that can send you hopping around, which is generally intended as a great way of making some extra pocket money but is left with irritability, impatience and ultimately abandonment. At the risk of taking a depressing turn, it’s almost sad to see the concept of drawing great pieces of sentences and paragraphs turned into a target oriented system of meeting deadlines. Don’t get this wrong, okay! Blogging is great, it’s actually amazing but only when it’s done right.

With the heroic entrance of web 2.0 that gave us all a chance to contribute our own opinion, knowledge and pearls of wisdom to the internet, meant to reach anyone, anywhere and anytime came with an opportunity for marketers to develop new strategies for user engagement and increasing traffic with smart marketing tactics. 

That led bloggers to believe in deadlines and optimising keywords instead of focusing on the quality, we’ll get into this later.

Unnecessary Pressure

It is such a common misconception these days with marketers constantly advising to incline towards daily blogging and adhere to strict marketing techniques. Regular blogging obviously is a plus, not denying a fact here but is it any good if its reflecting in the quality of your content. Any good blogger should know this fact that readership doesn’t entirely depend on the regularity of the blog. Your readers do not freak out or get angry just because you missed out a set deadline of posting a new blog. No one sends you hate mails or messages over it. On the contrary good content leads to a more appreciative audience than the loss of a handful due to some delay and those aren’t even the loyal ones. It’s actually a healthy loss.

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More importantly, the kind of frustration and guilt that potentially builds up in bloggers due to a missed deadline is extremely unhealthy which feeds to the fear of failure and seriously it’s not the kind of fear that leads to efficiency, results or has a learning curb. Consistent doses of such a feeling can turn into mental stress and eat away a writer’s self esteem.

What you owe to your Readers?

As mentioned above, people do not care if you miss any deadline, no one is coming after you with knives and fire to torch you. But that doesn’t mean you forget your responsibility as a blogger towards your audience. If you are just starting as a blogger, it’s okay to get little to none activity on your page, google anyway takes some time to analyse your content and ensure its quality. But if by fate’s hand your blog has turned some eyes, it is crucial to realise that the only non-negotiable component of your blog is quality.

Any missed deadline or promise can be overlooked but the main reason behind a dead blog is impatience and lack of quality. Focus on the expectations of quality and factors that contribute to a good piece of work. 

Be in Control 

The only rules of blogging are the ones that you set for yourself. It’s only a matter of realization and prioritising that would eventually deliver quality content. If you are new to blogging, don’t worry because you’ll learn as you go. All you need to remember is to do what works for you best but just remember to give your best. 

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If setting deadlines and year marks work for you then set them. If you are okay going without checking social media for days, that’s okay! The concluding rule of content marketing is quality, that’s what makes your readers happy.

For many bloggers, it’s more fruitful to work outside of deadlines and pressure, keeping at peace to work passionately on the content but that takes some solid amount of patience and clarity of mind.  


It’s an undeniable fact that there are proven methods and tricks that lead to a successful blog because there are professional courses in content marketing dedicated to developing and teaching those skills to aspiring writers and bloggers. But these skills should not overshadow or lead to compromising the quality.

Content marketing strategy should only be concerned after the completion of the first requirement in writing that is standard of quality. Every strategy developed by critical thinking and analysis will definitely have its benefits but setting a bar of posting tens of blogs in a day won’t help the cause in any way. Daily blogging depending on the number of blogs you post may become the reason behind the degradation of quality in the content.

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