White Label LMS: Everything You Need to Know

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In recent years, online learning is in huge demand. The Covid-19 situation has put many educational institutes to a halt. But, online learning has successfully tackled this situation.

One can learn easily while staying safe on their premises. Also, online learning has many advantages. You can learn at any time, from anywhere through the best online course platforms for learning. You may be residing in the remotest geographical location in the world. But you can engage in learning through an online platform. You can gain immense knowledge and skills through such a platform. While the entire world is at a halt, you can progress evidently.

However, a virtual classroom platform can be very beneficial. It can save you time, money, and effort. can create new income opportunities for you. It can help your brand stand out effectively. also, make you teach your learners greatly and quickly increase their learning curve. But first, learn what is white label.

white label LMS

What Is White Label?

White label products are resold and rebranded by a reseller. The product may be from its original provider or producer. Such products are called white label products. Also, you can customize, personalize, and a white label training platform as per your wish.

You can add your logo to make your learners aware of your brand, even add themes and other features to make it more exclusive. Thus, a white label learning platform allows you to have that freedom. Your brand image will stand out effectively through such a platform.

Difference Between White Label & Private Label

In a private label, a product is released by the manufacturer and sold by the retailer under their brand name. However, white label products usually belong to the software and technology industry. A private label product may not necessarily be in this sector.

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Benefits of A White Label Platform

A white label learning management system has numerous benefits such as:

Quicker Launch: You don’t have to spend ample amounts of time to construct a course. You will have the course readily available as per your needs. Thus, you can quickly launch your platform and engage your learners faster.

Cost-Effective: A white label LMS is very cheap in comparison to developing your won platform. You won’t have to spend time and money on hiring UI & UX developers, course developers, etc.

Expand Your Network: You can thoroughly expand your business and make your brand recognized. It is great for brand recall. You secure yourself a unique place in the market. Reach new markets and create more revenue. You can set a price structure for each of your courses. Thus, it can greatly help you in expanding your network.

Focus on Your Vision: A white label LMS does not have any room for technical errors or glitches. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the functionality of the platform. You can easily start teaching effortlessly. Thus, you can focus on your core purpose & vision.

Features of A White Label LMS

Take a look at some fantastic features of a white label LMS:

  • Brand: You can greatly communicate your brand’s vision and nature through the platform. You can add logos, color schemes, etc to show your brand’s identity.
  • Portal: This is where your learners will spend most of their time. You can also add custom banners & welcome text to capture their interest.
  • Multi Portal: You can create a multi-portal for different categories of audiences. Thus, in this way, you will be able to divide your audiences as per their nature and needs.
  • Domain: You can customize your domain and URL on some platforms.
  • Certificates: You can give your learners customized certificates to the learners through the platform. Thus, your learners will feel happy and satisfied with your teaching. It will increase your credibility. The learners will in turn refer your teaching to other learners as well.
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How to Choose A LMS?

Certain factors will help you in choosing the right LMS:

  • Goal: Choose what is right for your vision. It will help you in narrowing down your search. Thus, you need to be clear about your goals and choose accordingly. The platform should resonate with your goals. It will be profitable for you.
  • Integrated: You need a system that can integrate with your current systems. An integrated system can include customer service, payment options, retorting, etc. It will make managing things easier.
  • Credible Provider: It is important to choose a reliable provider. He/she will help you in setting up your LMS and provide you guidance.
  • Excellent Tech Support: If you have a white label platform, you don’t have to worry about technical difficulties. Your learners will be able to learn smoothly through the platform. Thus, you won’t have to invest in tech support.
  • Agreements: Be clear about the contracts and terms. Ask questions to your providers and be clarified about everything. You and your provider should stand on common grounds.
  • Payments: Be clarified about the payment structure. Different LMS providers offer different payment structures. There might be the option of annual payment or monthly payment. Talk with the provider to know more.


A white label LMS can help you hugely. It has numerous benefits and proves to be more practical to get. It will skyrocket your business and will expand your network greatly. You will be able to teach your learners faster, efficiently, and better. So, what’s the wait for? Get the best white label LMS now!

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