Which One Is Better – Study MBBS in Russia Vs Philippines

study mbbs in russia

Russia is located in North Asia and Eastern Europe. Moscow city is the capital city of Russia. In addition to a strong socioeconomic status, Russia also has a well-developed learning system with a strong school system. The Russian education system offers education to local aborigines as well as international students. In Russia, the basic level of education is compulsory for all pupils. For advanced courses, students must complete the basic education to study MBBS in Russia or any other country.

Language Barrier

Although the medical fee structure is not cheap, it is difficult during clinical practice to communicate with patients due to the language barrier. In addition, it is not possible to travel to other countries, as a valid visa is required to enter any Russian country. Because the study module is in a foreign language, students will have difficult times at home in the classroom. Russian universities are very risky because many of them are not MCI (Medical Council of India) certified. The patient has the right to refuse treatment with the students, so this is a huge disadvantage. Looking at the best way of life and the cost of living, Russia is not among the best.

As Russia is not an English-speaking country, faculties do not teach in English. Native Americans are very hostile because of the language barrier. So foreign students are not safe. The temperature will drop during winters, so international students end up spending the extra money to buy winter needs and also have the possibility of getting sick and spending money on medical bills.

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Economy in Russia

Moreover, economic conditions in Russia in recent years have steadily deteriorated. Inflation is too high, which will increase the cost of living. With growing tensions between Putin and Obama over Syria, there is no hope that the economy will recover any time soon.

Education Infrastructure in Russia

The level of education may not be good and the quality of education will vary from institution to institution. Education will be more appropriate to the country’s environment. They have to accept the sudden change in the social system, food, and other important things. The multicultural environment makes students uncomfortable and difficult to concentrate on in their studies.

Benefits or Advantages of MBBS Study in Philippines

The course lasts only 5 years 6 months and the cost varies from 15 lakh to 25 lakh (depending on the university you choose). The degree is recognized in all parts of the world and is highly regarded. Moreover, if one wants to go to western countries for higher education, the Philippines would be the best choice. Universities follow the American teaching model. The Philippine government has close ties to the US government. Because they have connections, you are guaranteed to get a job if your standards are high enough. The teaching method of MBBS in the Philippines follows the principle of learning, making it one of the best medical education available abroad.

Philippine educational institutions have strong evidence to clear MCI (Medical Council of India) screening and be a tropical country; the weather conditions are equal to Indian climatic conditions.

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