Traits of a successful accounts and finance manager

accounts and finance manager

Successful finance and account leads possess some characteristics which distinguish them from ordinary team leads. Having certain features will make the overall organization grow and progress. Managers must have analytical skills to understand the organization’s problems better and bring the firm out of the financial crisis. A successful manager must have the following features.

  • Analytical thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Sharp and confident 
  • An influencer
  • Highly responsive
  • Quick decision-maker
  • Critical thinker

Organizations do not have to worry when they have such assets that have the power to bring them out of any difficult situation and help them compete with their competitors in the market without worrying about their financial matters. This piece of writing will discuss some of the must-have traits for a finance and accounts manager.

Top qualities of a successful finance manager

A finance manager or the accounts manager must have the ability to trust his team and make others trust in them. Handling finance jobs and activities demand a high ratio of trust, and this trust comes with the traits and characteristics of the finance or accounts head. 

Below, we will briefly analyze the must-have traits of the accounts and finance managers to help you make your accounts section a progressive one.

1. Good with numbers

Accounts and finance are all a number game. The account or a finance manager must have the skills to deal with the numbers. Dealing with numbers means that the manager must understand any irregularities in the flow of money and finance. 

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Organizations conduct audit activities within their organizations through internal audits, or they outsource external audits from the best accounting firms in Dubai for fairer and authentic audit reports. If these irregularities are persistent due to the manager’s lack of skills in dealing with the numbers, it may result in huge losses to the firm or business.

2. Computer and technology usage skills

Managing finance and account tasks are not easy. Every minute detail matters, and keeping track of every record becomes nearly impossible for the manager. For dealing effectively with large sets of data, businesses use technologies and tools. The accountants or the managers dealing with the accounts must have the basic knowledge of operating the computers and stay up to date with the new accounting tools.

3. Decision-making skills

The base of an organization or a business is strong because of its finance. The organization sometimes have to take risks on whether to invest a certain amount in a project or not. The account and finance head must make quick decisions on releasing the required amount on the prone to risk tasks.

Without taking risks, the organization or business can not progress any further. To make decisions on whether to invest in high-risk projects or not is critical and demands the decision-maker to be efficient and quick.

4. Analyzing previous data records

Accounts-related tasks are highly dependent on previous finance records. It is one of the important and significant traits of the finance manager to have the abilities and skills to analyze the documents from the past and extract the necessary information to make future decisions. Generating audit reports and other finance-related reports require previous data.

5. Team management and leadership

A finance or accounts manager leads a team that is working very hard to meet their financial goals. It is the team leader’s responsibility to make all of its subordinates to achieve the financial goals religiously.

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A true leader is the one who takes responsibility for any mess that gets in the way of the organizational progress. The accounts manager must lead its team and the organization in difficult times to a better tomorrow. When the organization faces a financial crisis, it is the manager’s responsibility to make necessary arrangements and decisions to bring the whole team and firm out of that situation.

6. Interpersonal and communication skills

For generating financial reports, it is a must to gather all the necessary information. The finance department also has to make inquiries in other departments to collect data and information. For this purpose, the finance and accounts manager must possess interpersonal and communication skills to deal with the individuals and the departments to collect the required data.

7. Problem-solving skills

There may occur many problems regarding ups and downs in the incoming amount and outgoing amount within an organization. The manager must identify the reasons behind these irregularities and take corrective actions against such problems. 

There may be some problems regarding the mismatch of the income statements and the audit reports, which do not comply. Managers must be able to justify and solves such problems. You can also hire accounts and finance experts by consulting the best accounting firms in Dubai to deal easily with the issues and solve them effortlessly.

What makes a finance or accounts manager a perfect one?

Possessing all the above-mntioned traits make a finance and account manager a perfect one. Along with all the above characteristics, such team leads must generate more revenue and bring the company out of economic crisis through their intellectual and efficient leadership skills. They must be sincere with the organization they are working for and make reports and statements based on realities.

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