Top 10 Cakes Which One Can Gift On Birthday

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Birthdays and celebrations are made for each other but they are incomplete without cakes. The ritual of cutting cake, blowing candles, and singing the happy birthday song is almost the same on each corner of the earth. 

We can say cake is the major highlight of any birthday party whether you make it at home or buy it from the cake shop. It will play a significant role in birthday parties and almost in all celebrations. So check out this list of top 10 cakes for gifting on birthdays and make your loved ones, friends, and family members day memorable:

Blueberry glaze cake

Blueberry glaze cake looks delicious and amazing with the gelatine which makes it pretty soft from the inside. This cake will double the happiness of your nephew if you wanna surprise him in this pandemic. This is the best birthday cake for those who are health conscious and on a diet. You should give this cake to your fitness freaky friends or loved ones.

Butterscotch cake

Butterscotch is the most common flavor of cake and, of course, the best-selling flavor among all age groups. This cake is our specialty. All ages like butterscotch cake as it contains fruits, nuts, and an appetizing taste which makes it to be someone’s favorite always.

Ice cream cake

For summers, we have baked ice cream cake in almost every flavor. You can also get the cake by ordering online cake in Chandigarh at your doorstep. However, there is a fear of melting ice cream cakes, that’s why we are providing same-day delivery.

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Buttercream cakes

We all love the finishing touches of buttercream on cakes, but it has a fascinating texture with all buttercream on the cake. This cake looks lovely, and it tastes incredible.

Half-wrapped cakes

Who would think a cake can be half-wrapped? So be the first one to share something new. Half-wrapped means half of the cake will be wrapped, and the other half will be unwrapped. So gift your loved ones this unique cake and make them feel special.


Smile is only a cupcake away!! A cupcake is a tiny cake baked on cup-shaped paper. If you are long-distance best friends or cousins who cannot go to each other’s birthday parties, you can send cake to Delhi by ordering from us via our website online and get the best piece at affordable rates. 

Pinata cakes

We see the most trending cake on social media nowadays is pinata cake. It is a cake covered with a shield of chocolate. Then, the birthday girl or boy breaks the chocolate shield with a wooden hammer. Yes, it sounds fun and something new; you must try our pinata cake in the flavor of strawberry and chocolate.

A large donut cakes

Wow, a donut cake. This cake is awesome. Who doesn’t love donuts? Donuts are the most consuming dessert nowadays. We are sure you haven’t heard about a donut cake before, but we covered it as a giant donut cake. After eating this super tasty donut cake, the customers are more attracted to our varieties of trending cakes.

Alphabet letter cakes

Alphabet letter cake is one of the trending cakes these days. So you can give it to your friend or your dearies on the birthday with the first letter of their name. It will make them emotional and happy that someone loves them very much.

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It is a kind of sweet-tart with cream on the base of a biscuit with soft cheese. After reading this, our mouth is watering; it is the sweetest dessert with at least two layers. The thickest layer of this cake is filled with fresh cheese and eggs, and sugar which makes it delicious. Cheesecake is tasty as well as healthy.

If you want to plan a surprise birthday party for your friend or loved ones, the cake will be on the priority list. So here, we have made your work relatively easy by providing you with a list of the top 10 cakes you can give on birthdays. 

After going through the list of cakes and completing your research, the last step is to order it online or get it in-store. And make an impression on your loved ones, family, or friends by gifting them these super delicious birthday cake with fantastic quality. So greet your dearies by giving them a cake on their special day.

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