Kingroot Vs Kingoroot: How Does Kingroot Win?

kingroot vs kingoroot

This kingroot vs kingoroot battle has been heating up since the launch of these two unique operating systems in the Android ecosystem. Both of them provide unique functionality and have their own distinct pros and cons. So what’s the verdict? Is kingroot better than kingoroot?

Both of them have their strong points:

Both of them have their strong points. The main differences are as follows: Kingroot requires a rooted device in order to work whereas kingoroot doesn’t. Kingroot can be used on any android phone regardless of their brand, whereas kingoroot cannot. Basically kingroot vs kingoroot boil down to compatibility of the apps. However, let’s look deeper into the real reasons why these two apps are better than each other.

The kingroot vs kingoroot equation revolves around the fact that kingroot requires a special device in order to run. The apps come pre-rooted, so there’s no need to worry about installation and downloading. This has been the biggest downside of the two apps. Since most android devices come with default apps, it’s not possible to install additional, advanced apps like games and media/video editing/building tools. But this issue has been addressed in the latest versions of both apps which have fully working, fully installed and compatible with almost all android devices.

That’s not all. Though these two programs cost nearly the same, they have different leveling of difficulty. Kingroot has an easier interface because of its cleaner user interface. If you’re looking to go for a “fun” project or don’t have the time to bother with complexities, then Kingroot might be a good choice for you. You won’t get as much bang for your buck with kingroot but if you’re looking for something simple, it will do just fine.

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Kingroot has a more full featured app:

However, this simplicity also means gaining access to more functions. When you’re clicking root in kingoroot, you’ll open your device up to various “extras”. Some of these are less important than the others but some of them are useful. For example, you can gain access to your device’s Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity (depending on what service provider you signed up for), IM interface, USB driver support and more.

On the other hand, Kingroot has a more full featured app that allows you to run several different types of commands. For example, you can run various commands as superuser or just as root. Furthermore, you can also perform tasks as “root”, so this means gaining root level access on your android device. You can then install/update apps, modify system settings, run other programs and so forth.

The biggest difference between Kingroot vs Kingoroot lies in how the two programs work together. When you’re using Kingroot, you need to have a rooted android device in order to use the program. You must then install the app through the “system tools” that come pre-installed on your phone. You then connect your device to a computer with an internet connection and run the program from there. This is basically all that’s required; when you’re done, simply reboot your android device and everything will go back to normal.

Difference between the two programs?

Unfortunately, this isn’t true with Kingroot. The reason for this is that the “app” needs to be installed via the “extras” directory which is only available on rooted android phones. Once you’ve installed the program on your device, you can then install the “extras” via your computer and connect your device to the computer. From there, you can then install/update/install other programs as you please, including the Kingroot application.

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So what’s the difference between the two programs? For one thing, it’s apparent that Kingroot has a much bigger database of “extras” that can allow it to do more than just root. It also has a user interface that is far more aesthetically pleasing (making it different from Kingroot). The downfall to this, however, is that its database is much smaller than Kingroot and doesn’t include any of the important “extras” that can make your app perform better. You have to figure out which is right for you.

So how does Kingroot win this fight? Well, it’s important to note that Kingroot is not technically “free.” Even though it’s open source, it’s still controlled by the same company that makes the popular” ROM” apps. These companies don’t like anyone leaking their source code, and they  don’t care if you choose to download their app. They make their money through advertisements instead. So in that light, it’s not necessarily an unfair advantage – just one that they don’t want you to know about.


On the other side of things, kingroot programs are actually free. In fact, the only thing they charge you for is the actual application. You can use them on any android devices (phones, tablets, etc.) – and if you want to test the effectiveness of their root programs on a bunch of different devices, you can.

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