How is the Android spy app control cyber bullying?

Cyberbullying is on the rise, and it happens most of the time with young teens. Therefore, parents are keen to control cyberbullying, but they are unable to do that.  The rise and the rise of online bullying are creating a scary feeling among parents. So, they want to protect kids to the fullest. Online predators over the last decade have made social media their epicenter. On the other side, young teens are more likely to make their profiles on social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more. Therefore, parents want to protect teens from online bullying by using the Android spy app.

What is an Android spy app?

It is a cellphone spying app that works on mobile and tablet devices secretly. It let users monitor cellphone activity. It is one of the best applications that enable users to spy live activities on mobile devices. You can use it to set parental control on teen’s phones. Further, it takes a few minutes to complete its setup on the target device, and you can get access to its online dashboard. You can use its powerful features to spy on social media networks. Users can get social media logs, like messages, conversations, voice calls, media sharing, and voice messages. Apart from social media spying, users can get call logs, record cellphone screens, capture keystrokes, screenshots, and many more.

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How Cyberbullies trap teens on social media networks?

Youngsters are obsessed with social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. They spend too much time messaging, voice calls, and sharing photos, and do other activities. Therefore, kids are more likely to interact with strangers in terms of online predators. Cyberbullies do contact with the youngsters and send nude photos, videos, and use abusive language.   Cyberbullies get involved in body shaming activities. Female teens are more likely to get trap on social platforms because they share their photos, videos, and profile information to the fullest.

Cyber Bullying statistics that parents need to know

There are the following stats of online bullying that make parents curious. So, they want to know how they can control it on social media platforms.  Most of the parents lurk toward parental spy apps. 95% of the cellphone are running with Android operating systems, so parents are looking forward to using the Android spy app to control cyberbullying to the fullest.

  • 73% of the young students have experienced online and real –life bullying 
  • 87% of the teens have seen the occurrence of online bullying on social media networks 
  • 95% of the teens have internet access and 85% are social media users
  • 69% of the young users don’t discuss about online bullying with the parents 
  • 15% of the youngsters are online bullies 

Use an Android spy app to control cyberbullying to safeguard teens online.

Are you wondering how you can cope up with online bullying?  You need to subscribe to the cellphone spy app. You can install it on the target android phone having physical access and then use its online dashboard to get the job done. You can visit their feature that works against cyberbullying activities and keeps you updated about your teen’s online activity on social media platforms. You can use its following mention tools that are handy to tackle cyberbullying to protect teens. 

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Use Android spy software Features to control online bullying 

Social media messenger spy

It is the most advanced and powerful feature that you can use via an online dashboard. It empowers you to monitor social media logs. You can monitor message logs, media sharing, voice messages, and voice calls. Parents can use it to know every activity of the teens on social platforms.

Record IM’s Voice calls

You can record teen’s voice calls on social media apps without root, and you can save the voice data on the dashboard. Parents can listen to the VoIP calls and get to know to whom teens are talking at the moment. 

Capture screenshots

Parents can witness cyberbullying by capturing live screenshots of social media apps on cellphone devices.  You can set plenty of screenshots at the same time on social media platforms.

Screen recording

Android spying app enables you to use its feature screen recorder. It empowers you to record live videos of the cellphone screen active with social media apps and save them on the dashboard.


Android monitoring app is the best tool for parents to stop and control cyberbullying incidents on teen’s social media platforms to the fullest.

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