How to design fashion clothes?

fashion clothes

Clothing lines for business are now a popular choice to the starters. The fashion business is now so evolving and getting the priority of every single person who thought to start a new business.

The fashion business requires some skills of pieces of machinery and experience to work in such a related sector. If you have both of them, you can make a consistent career through a clothing line and can be your boss.

But if you don’t have any skills and experience and you still decide to start a fashion design business. Then no problem, you don’t need to get afraid in this situation.

Because you have enough opportunity to go on the way that you are thinking. In this article, we have unveiled some hidden secrets that will help you to realize what you should do to design clothes on your own.

Focus your concentration here in the below and you would get all the needed inquiry you need to get the hand of your fashion cloth design.

First of all, you need to have gathered some initial skills to design clothes on your own. What types of skill comes first in this issue?

Drawing skill

As a fashion designer, you must have the skills of proper drawing of the dress that you want to make.

At an early age, people used pencil and paper to sketch design for fashion items. Still, you may find some of them to draw designs with chalks before preparing a dress.

But that is a thing of the past, as designers are now using digital software like Adobe Illustrator to draw anything.

These software design tools are pretty much useful to allow you to determine the exact design that you need for your dress.

For drawing skills, you can either learn illustrator or if you think that is too complex, then you can draw your design with a pencil and paper.

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You should do practice and practice to be a master of fashion drawing art.

Sewing skill

When you have done to sketch the design, you want to make a dress with, the second task comes from sewing.

Sewing is a skill that is a must-have for every person who thought to provide fashion items on their own.

It is a skill that can bring you a lot of money if you have properly known the way of sewing.

If you ever visit a garment factory, you can see there are lots of variations in sewing machines and each of them are different in their work.

That means you have to learn a lot in case of making yourself professional in sewing. To make the job of sewing easy for you, you can use some patterns that can be found in the sewing items stores.

If you are a beginner, then you can use some patterns like,

  • A pattern of the neck or collar
  • A full pattern of the sleeves with or without cuff
  • A pattern of a skirt
  • A pattern of a blouse

Creative design

To make a success of your fashion design journey, you should have creativity in design. Creative design for your fashion cloth will make the dress choosing by all.

You should be passionate about the design you would make. Thinking and understanding, collecting ideas from other sources will help you to make a perfect shape and design for your dress.

You can see garments of the shopping mall or footpath where retailers used to sell huge fashion products.

You can visit those places and collect ideas for your fashion design.

Check fashion design art, photography, and exhibitions, think about the comfortability of wearing the dress you have made.

When designing, you could give priority to the trend. People also like to use trendy wear collections.

How many of these skills have you acquired? If you have at least one of them, you should care about the other to make yourself perfect for your fashion design.

Having all those skills means you are perfect for your next step. The next step comes to get prepared for your first fashion cloth making task.

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We are including some options in this regard to help you directly get into your mission. Just check the steps described here below,

STEP-1: Choose your fabric

Different types of fabrics are used for different dresses. They have different colors and features in quality.

You should have to consider the fabric you are choosing for your dress. Fabrics also include some tricky points to understand. So, you should be wise while choosing fabrics, as some of the themes look great but poor in quality.

Fabrics that are great to wear and comfortable, give priority to them to make your dress.

STEP-2: give it a shape

Give your design a shape by sketching it on paper. You can use a pencil-paper sketch or can be drawn in illustrator.

While drawing the dress, attention to its prospective instead of others. The process is like making a clipping path in any image. The clipping path service is used to separate an image object from its background.

You should only think about the dress color, design, and overall look to imagine how it looks like someone with the dress.

STEP-3: Prepare it 

Having ready the fabric and design, you can now directly move to the main process. What type of dress is it? You should make a pattern for the dress part.

If it is a boy’s shirt, then you have to make a pattern of the sleeves, cuff, and collar pattern. If it is a lady’s item, then you need to have a different pattern.

Use the pattern to make fabric parts for each of them. Use the sleeve pattern to make sleeve part, collar pattern for collar part, body pattern for a body part. Then pair all of them to get your dress prepared.

This article will help you to make your first dress yourself. You should practice more and more following the steps stated here.

When you think you have prepared enough yourself, then you are ready to make dresses commercially.

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