Google Trends for SEO: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximize Your Keyword Research Volume

Being an SEO professional, you must have come across the term “Keyword” or “Keyword Research” and use it often. After all, it is your job to understand what’s the interest of your audience, how they search, and most obviously how your other competitors are performing. Well, knowing everything while identifying the pitfalls can allow you to create content that both your website and the audience deserve. A great and most convenient way to do this is by using Google Trends for SEO. If identifying relevant keywords seems complicated to you, then Google Trends is all you need to get an insight into what people are searching for, their area of interest, and the way they perform any particular search. 


According to digital marketing leaders, it is estimated that Google alone processes more than 63,000 search queries every second. The figure further translates to 5.6 billion searches per day and around 2 trillion searches per year globally. This means that the Google trend is a much smarter and beneficial tool for SEO specialists, social media goers, and even the e-commerce industry. Don’t believe us! Let us guide you more about Google trends and how you can use the same to boost your keyword research volume organically. 


Understanding the Google Trends

Understanding the Google Trends

“Exploring what the entire world is searching for”- this is exactly what Google trends are all about. 


Simply put, Google trend is a free online tool or feature introduced by Google itself on 11th May 2006. It is considered as one of the impactful search features to explore, visualize and discover everything about trending topics, searches, and news on Google. 


In other words, it is used to gather information about which keywords are the most and least trending. This allows digital marketers to know about the popularity of specific keywords or search terms. 


Since the onset of Google trends, it has dramatically changed the way businesses think and work. Through Google trends, the businesses are now tracking almost everything to make things work. From social attitudes, political matters, sports, to even entertainment, you get to track trends systematically and use them differently to target millions of audiences. 


Having said that, let us take through some of the benefits of leveraging Google trends.


What Google Trends Can Do?

The world is continuously going through unpredictable changes day by day. Out of all, the recent novel coronavirus is one of them. The marketers and businesses alike find it burdensome to cope with the ongoing changes in the customer’s behavior and identifying their needs. Well, Google trend is the perfect free tool that can see what you can’t see.

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Google Trends for seo

If you are planning to adopt Google trends for whatever purpose, here are the things that it can single-handedly do:

  • Google trends can be used to find out what’s recently trending and what’s not 
  • Google Trends gives you the freedom to see what people are searching for at a given point in time. And how often a particular search term or query is entered in Google’s search engine.
  • This is a unique tool. Which allows you to customize your search data based on region, time, duration, category, and type of search query.
  • To know the point of view of the audience and how each word affects them. You can also compare single search terms against each other to find out.
  • You get the chance to expand your search horizon by identifying seasonal trends
  • With the help of Google Trends, you can easily monitor marketing performance and further improve your overall brand’s performance.
  • Google trend is the ultimate platform for getting the best performing keywords that reach the masses effectively.


The success of Google Trends is immeasurable. If targeting customers is your thing. So Google Trends can ease your way by offering you a plethora of keyword research. Which can be used for SEO, marketing, and other research purposes.


How to Use Google Trends for Better SEO?

Google Trends for SEO

If you’re using Google trends to boost website traffic, to enhance inline visibility, or simply to gain a competitive edge, you are doing it right.  Learn simple tips or tricks on how you can productively use Google trends for better SEO.


Keyword Research is Important

You never run out of keywords if you know how to use Google trends efficiently. You need to familiarize yourself with the keyword research feature to identify the keywords that are trending and avoid those which are less popular. Focusing and targeting top trending keywords will impact your SEO while making your content look good without putting any effort.


Finding Specific Keywords

Google’s trend ability to find the top-rated keywords makes it the perfect place for many SEO professionals. This feature is powerful enough for you to identify better, more relevant, and more valuable keywords based on your original search term. Whenever you type something on the homepage. So the site comes up with a list of those keywords. that are closely related to your search. Using the same list, you can build a solid SEO strategy. And can target millions of online users by using trending keywords in your content.

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Discover All the Related Topics

Google trend is not just limited to keywords only. The fact is Google trends can be used to discover and uncover related topics for crafting future content. The “Related Topics” feature can offer you plenty of broader topics that people are currently searching for. Knowing this, you can create your content and make it more creative using trending keywords.


Think Local for Better Optimization

An online business like brick-and-mortar know how to serve the local community. Being a smart business owner, you need to first think locally before taking your venture internationally. This can be done by using “interest by subregion” on Google Trends to learn about unique keywords that are trending in nearby cities, states, or sub-regions. So you can use this feature to know about the search volume done by individuals in different geographical areas. This is the easiest way to find out the market potential. And in which area you can start selling your products.

Infuse LSI Keywords More

LSI keywords are said to be one of the overlooked aspects of SEO. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword is a broad term. Which is specially designed to learn about a wide range of synonyms depending on the context. Google trends add value and put more meaning to LSI keywords. All you have to do is list the words related to your original keyword. They have to be used separately in blogs or articles. And see how your content can do wonders for you and your business.


Monitor Google Trends Data Thoroughly

Monitoring the performance is as important as finding the keywords that work for you. With Google trends, you get the privilege to analyze the data and plan your future content calendar accordingly. Along with this, you keep abreast with the changing demands and requirements of online users. And can adjust or refactor your current SEO strategy based on statistics for this.



As the world is progressing with the advancement in technology and methodology. It becomes imperative for everyone to make good use of Google Trends. Google Trends is an impeccable destination that goes beyond basic search.


The key is to find, target, and customize the relevant keywords that your customer likes and searches the most. Therefore, transform the way your SEO looks and works by leveraging the power of Google trends.



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