Few Important Things to Ask Before Investing in Antique Earrings

Today, the demand for antique jewellery items is becoming a trend. While some buy it to cherish the history that it brings, others buy it due to its face value. However, many are still not aware of every small detail that is necessary to be checked before buying vintage jewellery. Here are a few things that you need to ask before investing in antique engagement earrings.

Whether the earring is vintage or it is a vintage style

It is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when buying antique engagement earrings. You will come across many labelled vintage earrings. However, when it comes to buying them, most customers check only one thing that whether it is authentic or not. There is a difference between vintage engagement earrings and vintage-style earrings. While the first ones are more genuine, others are mainly inspired by a replica. Due to this reason, it is important to check the Kundan earrings.

Always be aware since most of the Kundan earrings listed as vintage style earrings are high price. This does not mean that it is antique. Do not forget to read the fine prints on the earrings as it will give a clear idea on whether it is true vintage or vintage style inspired.

Know about the era of the engagement ring

Once you find out that the earring you are choosing is vintage and not an inspired design, you must ask when the ring was made. It is vital to understand that every jewellery item comes with its own unique style. Finding out the era helps in understanding the jewellery designing method.

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For example, if you need more delicate antique jewellery, which is chic and feminine, opt for something that belongs to the Mughal era. Alternatively, if you want to gift something unique to a bride-to-be, search for something that belongs to the old era. The older the jewellery is, it will be more beautiful.

Stone size as well as the quality

Most of the diamonds that you find in antique jewellery items do not get their evaluation in terms of 4C’s. Compared to the modern diamond earrings, the vintage ones remain untouched in terms of everything. The reason behind this is the modern jewellery goes through the latest technical analysis that determines its quality, cut, and precision. Back in the Mughal period, none of these used to exist.

Therefore, when buying Kundan earrings, it is best if you try to focus on the jewellery item as a whole. Make sure to ask about the carat or the weight of the diamond if you are buying diamond earrings. Also, check it under the various lights and compare it with other jewellery items to check if there are any flaws.

Diamond cut and precision

Shops selling antique jewellery will not be able to say about the actual owner of the earring. All they know is a little history and the backstory of the jewellery item. For example, the cut and colour, precision, etc. Mainly there are three different cuts of the vintage engagement rings, mine cut diamonds, modern ideal cut diamonds, and European cut diamonds. Ask for the details on the diamond cuts before you are buying the earring.

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Ring durability is important

Compared to modern-day jewellery items, the vintage earrings were handmade. As a result, you will get different varieties, from fragile to sturdy ones. Since these jewellery items are hundreds of years old, having chips and cracks is not unusual. Due to this reason, it is a good idea to have a detailed check on the durability.

Chand Begum is one of the famous family-owned businesses that features both Indian as well as Islamic art. Founded in 1865, the business deals with jewelled objects that were a part of the noble families. They sell some of the precious antique Kundan earrings and antique royal jewellery, which will no doubt meet your jewellery needs for every occasion.

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