8 Surprising Habits Affecting Your Health

surprising habits

In this high paced lifestyle, we sometimes forget to notice our habits which affect our health negatively. We can change our habits in 21 days, but for that, we need to first know about the surprising habits which affect our physical and mental health in the long term. In this article, we have mentioned some surprising habits you might not consider which like the red flags of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Few Habits Which Can Be Changed For Healthy Lifestyle

Skipping Meals

Sharing chocolate with your colleagues might help you in reducing the calorie intake, but skipping the meals might not benefit you in the same way. The report from the American Journal of Epidemiology advocated that people who miss out on the morning breakfast are 4.5 times likely to be obese compared to the people who take multiple small meals to suppress hunger and lower down blood sugar levels. You can add healthy fibrous snacks and food items in your small meals rather than skipping them.

Biting Nails

Chewing your nails under the claws of your mouth can never make you attractive and besides our nail beds breed health-compromising germs which could weaken your immune system while making you sick and vulnerable to many diseases. As per one study published in journal Oral Microbiology and Immunology, pathogens like E.coli are found in the bodies of people who bite their nails in a sizeable amount rather than those abstain it. You must start dropping this habit of biting your nails. Also, maintain the habit to wash your hands frequently to avoid the infections.

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Sitting All Day

Disclaimer: sitting all day at one place may shorten your life by a few minutes each day. It is not advisable to quit your corporate jobs and wander on the streets. You can easily avoid this non-desirable habits by taking slight breaks while doing your office and have 5-10 minutes walk outside your premises. You can also start practising a few exercises or go for a walk after dinner to avoid the unhealthy lifestyle.

Forgetting To Change Bedsheets

You all are well aware of your friends, bedbugs, but have you ever met your sleeping buddies with bacteria? You might meet them if you have not changed your bedsheets for a long time, as till now it has become the party place for bacteria, fungi, spores, lit and more infections. One study found out that if you don’t change your pillow covers after a week, 17 different species might take birth to it and can ultimately harm you. So, change your bedsheets frequently and keep yourself healthy.

Starting Day With Coffee

Many of us want to have the coffee on our beds immediately after opening our eyes after the deep sleep. Undoubtedly, coffee can boost up our metabolism, but starting a day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee might be problematic to you. It is one of the surprising habits which we may rarely notice but need to replace the cup of coffee with two glasses of mildly warm water. Try to turn into a habit to pour your coffee after you gulped the two glasses of water which can keep your fat-burning furnace and waistline in check.

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Thus keeping a check on these small surprising habits can change your lifestyle from unhealthy to a healthy one and can help you in turning your mood fresh too.

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