What Preventive Measures Pay Per Click Marketers Should Take in This Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic Globally?

Pay Per Click service providers

Pay Per Click service providers

In just a couple of months, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has drastically changed the lives of every single individual. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has changed nearly everything. This virus has possibly shut down every school, office, religious institution, and Google universe is no exception. It has negatively impacted public health as well as downgrade the economy to the core. From home quarantined to social distancing, the Government has officially laid down strict rules & guidelines that need to be followed globally. With the outrage of these global events, every business whether small, medium, or large has changed its operations and most importantly their online marketing strategies to cope with this overwhelming situation. 

From marketers, advertisers, to businesses from all over the world, they have seen a shift in consumer behavior and pattern which in turn has affected the Pay Per Click service providers or elsewhere. To deal with these discomforting situations positively, Pay Per Click service providers are taking preventive measures to efficiently manage their paid search campaign in overnight changing environments.

Before moving further, let us take you through the list of industries that have negatively impacted or hit the hardest at the peak of Coronavirus.

Industries That are At Huge Risk During Coronavirus Period

Industries That are At Huge Risk During Coronavirus Period

From retail, hospitality to fashion, the pandemic shook even the multibillionaire industries and go completely dark in the wake of the life-threatening virus.

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Here is the list of industries that have close their doors altogether or faced massive risk due to the influence of the novel coronavirus:

  • Travel and tourism
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Live entertainment
  • Conferences
  • Sports and fitness
  • Building and construction
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Data sources

The global economy has taken a drastic turn by putting a huge risk on these industries. As the world is still coping up with the COVID-19, many companies have already shut their doors in this unpredictable period. 

The Industries With Increased Volume and Mixed PPC Performance During COVID-19

The Industries With Increased Volume and Mixed PPC Performance During COVID-19

No matter what this virus has brought to the world, there are still some industries. That have set a benchmark while showing mixed performance amid COVID-19. And these are:

  • Real estate
  • Home improvement
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Jobs and education
  • Legal services
  • On-demand media
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Finance
  • Business management

During this pandemic year, the above-mentioned industries are experiencing an increase in metrics and performance by shifting their digital marketing plan.

In case, your business is unable to respond well to the dynamic change, here are some of the preventive measures. You should take as a reliable pay-per-click service provider to deal with unpleasant situations confidently.

Preventive Measures Pay-Per-Click Service Providers Should Take During Sudden COVID-19 Outbreak Globally

Preventive Measures Pay-Per-Click Service Providers Should Take During Sudden COVID-19 Outbreak Globally

Regardless of your company’s specific goals, here are some of the immediate steps a Pay-per-click service provider. Or every marketer should take to pull your PPC game forward during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:


The first and foremost thing you can do by carefully assessing all your accounts like Google Analytics or Google Ads for any significant change. You can easily determine the market changes by looking at clicks and changes in impressions. That are causing drop-offs in your campaign. If you see any fall, then it is the right time to review your accounts by measuring the impact.

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Google has found that searches like “COVID-19” or “CORONAVIRUS” are dominating the new searches. With the spike of many irrelevant COVID-19 searches, Google is banning any bad ads. That promotes negative information about a COVID-19 cure and any misleading information related to it. If you want to improve your ad campaigns effectively, then you should avoid using such terms to seek profits.


Due to the announcement of new government policies like social distancing, work from home policies, washing hands, etc. You need to adjust your strategies as per the changing environment. You need to connect with potential customers by analyzing their behavioral patterns in an online world.


Being a reputed Pay Per Click Service Providers, you must block all the irrelevant search traffic to run a successful campaign. Adding negative keywords like “stay at home”, “stay safe”, “covid-19”, “coronavirus” to your blocking list provides volume to your other relevant ads.


Due to higher public health risks, people are using more keywords using various search engines related to health. You should start targeting common terms related to health such as symptoms, prevention, etc. In case you belong to the health industry. 

During this uncertainty, you should outsource the best PPC advertising agency to manage your Google ads, protect your accounts, and take your strategy moving further. 

You should make an appropriate change by revising your digital strategies even in a post-COVID-19 world. 

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Plan, Manage & Track Successful PPC Marketing Campaigns With Agio Support

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No matter whether you have a small business or large enterprises, Agio Support can bring a positive change to your venture by turning your every marketing effort into revenue.

Therefore, curate successful PPC campaigns via Agio Support to continuously evolve in this ever-changing environment!

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