Which Is Best Among In-house and Third-Party Av Rental?

Av Hire

Av Hire

The success of an event demands an effective application of technology. The events which involve messages must have an effective AV system. If you are spending a lot of money on spreading information, you won’t want any part of it to get lost. You need a help of an experienced professional when it comes to the Av system. Even if you have arranged multiple events, you should seek the help of an AV professional.

The professional is available in the form of audio-visual equipment. But before reaching out to a professional make a list of AV equipment you need. In the case of an informative system, you might need:

  • Projectors.
  • PA and sound system.
  • Projection screens.
  • Microphone (handheld, wired, and wireless)

The technology of this system also can’t be compromised.  You might think that there is an option of buying equipment too. Yes, it will increase your inventory and makes you independent. But it has more disadvantages due to which you should let go of this thought. Let’s have a look at its disadvantages for your clarity.

·        Costs Continue After Purchase:

Buying amount is not just a cost you have to bear for them. Machinery doesn’t always remain at its initial state. After some time, it gets depreciate. So, you always have to bear its maintenance cost. You need to bear the salary of the team of experts who are needed to manage your inventory.

·        Technology Is Expanding:

The technology will not remain the same for years. Technology is changing continuously and demands from you to be updated. Every time you attend any event, you will experience a technology change. If you have to update frequently then what is the use of buying technology? Isn’t it better to find a way of utilizing technology for the desired period?

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Now you are clear buying is not going to help you at all. So, you have to go for AV hire. The possible options you can use for AV hire are:

  • In-house AV.
  • Third-party AV.

Isn’t it confusing for which one to choose? Both have certain pros and cons. But which one deserves your preference. Let’s not keep you confused. We should have a look at the pros and cons of each to make it easier for you to decide.

In House AV:

It is a rental service that a hotel provides at which you are organizing your event. So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of hiring in house AV.

·        Pros of In-House AV:

1.    Convenient Facility:

The in-house AV knows everything about the venue. They know how many circuits it possesses. What is the total area of the venue? Which is the material of the building? The knowledge of all these things plays a vital role in deciding an AV of the event.

2.    One Bill:

The charges of rental amount of venue and in house AV will be at one bill.

·        Cons of In-house AV:

1.    Convenience and Cheap rates:

The convenience aspect of in-house AV is undeniable. But convenience doesn’t mean cheap rates. The cost of utilizing this convenience is higher than the market.

2.    You Might Not Always Get A-One Performance:

It can happen that in house AV uses outdated equipment leading to visual and sound issues. Sometimes there can be faulty equipment that is not easy to replace. This can take your event on the verge of a huge risk of failure.

3.    Commissions Can Affect Budget:

The bills and commissions of the property rental contract can take you out of the budget. Once you get out of your budget it won’t be easy for you to manage the other expenses of the event.

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So, you see how the decision of in-house AV can affect your event positively or negatively. Let’s move forward towards the pros and cons of the third-party AV.

Third-Party AV:

This is any other rental company that is not related with the place.

·        Pros of Third Part AV:

1.    Isn’t Attached to Any Venue:

It has no association with any venue. So, you don’t need to pay any extra charges in the name of the commission.

2.    Team of Third Party Can Travel:

For events at multiple locations, third party Av is best. Because their team can travel for the arrangement of other events too. This will keep the atmosphere and quality of your event same. You also don’t need to waste time again and again on explaining the need for an event.

3.    Edge of New Technology:

As technology is advancing day by day. So, to make use of it in your events third party Av is the most reliable source. They always keep their inventory updated and equipment maintained.

·        Cons of Third-Party AV:

1.    No Discounts:

The third part Av will not offer you any discounts. Because they are not associated with your venue. So, you have to pay the full rental fee for equipment.

2.    Don’t Have Much Control Over Fees Associated with Venue:

You can’t able to control the expenses which you have to make on the venue. Like you have to pay the WIFI cost of the venue.

Now the pros and cons of in house and third-party AV are clear for you. The fact that audio visual equipment is a necessity for your event is not going to change. But for which type of Av rental you should go is a decision you should make based on the above information. You know better the needs of your event. You know better the budget of your event. So, you can decide in a better way what is best for you.

The decision you make is going to affect your event a lot. The details of an event only seem simple. But when it comes to its applicability it won’t be as easy. A successful event is always a perk of exceptional event management.

Final Lines:

The importance of AV, in any event, is like a breathing machine. The quality of these keeps your event breathing. Ems Events wants to play its role in keeping your event alive. The decision which keeps your event breathing is the best one for an event.

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