Voice Search: Bringing Revolutionary Change in the World of SEO



In this age of drastic transformation in technologies and emerging trends, Voice search is unapologetically becoming the “NEXT BIG THING” in the upcoming year 2021 & beyond. With the sudden impact of COVID-19 across the world, digital marketers have seen a surprising change in people’s behavior to gather information using various search engines differently. The digital marketers have revealed that “today’s smart millennial users are smartly using voice-based technology to gather information about a particular topic or to find products or services depending on their needs. Due to this, billions of new searches are taking place every month using voice-activated gadgets. Now, it is imperative for every business despite its shape and size to understand changing consumer behavior and optimize its related-content by outsourcing the best SEO agency in Singapore or elsewhere.

In this article, we will unfold many interesting facts, statistics, usage of voice technology, and how it is bringing a drastic change in SEO’s ecosystem.

Voice Search: What’s That???

As the name suggests, Voice Search is the most beneficial, trending, and influential voice recognition technology that allows like-minded people to perform various searches, directly speaking with the programmed voice-based device.

Simply put, it is undoubtedly the most advanced speech recognition technology that activates whenever the end-user commands and asks questions using their voice. The fully-automated voice software presents the user with relevant/suitable answers, sometimes funnily and creatively.

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Since the introduction of voice-based virtual assistants like Siri back in 2011, no one has ever imagined that it would take over the world of the internet by storm. The big giant like Google is shifting triumphantly towards voice search technology, serving upgraded technologies to the ultra-modern world efficiently.

Interesting Facts and Astounding Statistics You Probably Don’t Know About Voice Search in 2020

Here present you with some of the interesting facts and shocking statistics you are probably not aware of:

  • According to the latest report, “around 111.8 million customers using voice-based features alone in the United States (U.S.)
  • More than 71 percent of the global population across the world prefer to conduct voice-based queries, ditching the traditional method of typing using various search engines.
  • Around 30% of web browsing will be performed by voice only by the end of 2020.
  • Google- the biggest search engine has revealed, 27% of the potential customers are actively using mobile voice search globally.
  • Now, Google speech recognition can effortlessly support and transcribe voice commands in more than 100 languages- Hindi, Arabic, English, Arabic, Portuguese, to name a few.
  • In 2020, the buyers of voice-based activated speakers will probably surpass more than  25.6 million.
  • Currently, the voice-controlled personal assistant speaker i.e, Amazon Echo is dominating the market by holding over two-third of the market share.

With this humongous growing popularity, it is the perfect time for new or existing companies to optimize their content carefully and thoughtfully for voice search. 

To reap a multitude of benefits, you have to invest in the best SEO agency in Singapore or partner with a leading SEO company like Agio Support to begin voice-based optimizing with ease.

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Voice Search SEO: Is It Really Matters?

Voice Search: the emerging trend has already taken the world by storm. Smart business owners have already shifted their digital marketing strategies based on adopting voice search trends, and evolving technologies to stay relevant in the prevailing digital environment.

Technically speaking, you need to start giving more priority to voice search optimization with the changing digital sphere. No matter whether you’re a small business owner or a big entrepreneur, you must capitalize on voice search SEO to reap the following benefits such as:

  • Utilizing the right marketing campaigns, you can victoriously target millions of customers globally by understanding their needs and requirements.
  • Unlike traditional methods, you can professionally optimize your content by targeting long-tail keywords rather than the shorter ones to bring the relevant audience to your website.
  • Adopting a solid voice search SEO strategy can dramatically enhance the user’s experience while fostering a long-term relationship with them.
  • You can smoothly pull a large amount of traffic in your new or current website using voice-optimized SEO.
  • It gives you insights into how the end-user is interacting with the technology. Using these insights, you can inject your own creativity and humor to woo the customers by using interesting voice search queries.

It is now evident that developing solid voice search strategies can provide you with a plethora of opportunities to boost your business growth competently.

Therefore, get ready to outreach your competitors, take your bard n to the next level, and get on board with the cutting-edge technologies by outsourcing a leading SEO agency like Agio Support now!

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