Things to know before developing a mobile gaming application

Things to know before developing a mobile gaming application

The mobile gaming industry has seen immense growth in the past few years, with an increase in the use of mobile applications by users worldwide. Gone is the time when people used smartphones just for calling or sending text messages. Now they are a complete entertainment package with all sorts of gaming applications available. Thanks to technology and innovations, mobile gaming applications are in great demand more than ever. 

In a world full of Pokemon Go and PUBG users, developing a new mobile gaming application is an adventurous and challenging job. Mobile gaming apps have never been so competitive, from using virtual intelligence to handle thousands of players in a game. Thus in order to sustain and beat the competition, you will have to think out of the box and come up with an innovative idea. 

If you are planning to develop a mobile gaming application, have a look at the things you should know before launching one.


Some facts about mobile gaming applications:

Before you design and develop a mobile gaming application, it makes sense that you learn about some statistics: 

  • 21 % of all the app downloads on Android are of gaming applications
  • 25 % of all the app downloads on iOS are of gaming applications
  • More than 40 % of all mobile use is for games
  • More than 60% of people download a game on their mobiles weeks after purchasing it. 
  • Almost 80% of game enthusiasts are Android users
  • There are more than 2 billion active mobile gamers across the world
  • The revenue generated from mobile games was predicted to reach $76.7 billion by the end of 2020

8 Things To developing a mobile gaming application

Have a clear insight into what you’re developing 

One thing that you should make sure about is that you have a clear understanding of what you are developing. Carry out proper research before building a mobile gaming application. Check out all the factors and consequences before you step into the mobile gaming industry. Also, know more about how your competitors are doing and what they include in curating a perfect mobile gaming app

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Learn more about your users

Your end goal should be to target the maximum possible audience all across the globe. Thus, learning more about your target audience for whom you are developing the mobile game can significantly impact the success of your application. You must know the preferences of the target audience that will be using your app and how it is going to attract them. Your mobile gaming application is more likely to get popularity and attention if you keep the user expectations in mind.

Choose a strong gaming platform

If you want to succeed in the gaming industry, you need to put the customer’s preferences first. The more a customer is satisfied, the more revenue you will be earning. Thus while you develop a mobile game application, select an operating system that users use the most. The platform will be the foundation on which your gaming application will be launched; whether iOS, Android, or Windows, you need to choose wisely. Today, a majority of smartphones are based on Android or iOS, so your targeted platform for building an application should be among these two. What you can do is that you can start on one platform, say, for example, Android, and if it’s received well, you can go for iOS as well. 

Own your game

The moment you see a tiny man jumping and running in between trains and gold coins, you know that it is subway surfers. The description and theme of the game are all that you need to guess. Thus you need to build a mobile gaming application that will be unforgettable. Be innovative when it comes to the game’s characters, the theme, the goal, and the hurdles. The best way to start developing a mobile game app is to create something you have a substantial understanding of and add your twist of innovation. Make an application that will stand out in the mobile gaming industry and give tough competition to other gaming apps. 

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Keep it easy

Just like any other gaming application, the first few levels of your game have to be simple. They should be more like a tutorial that will guide the users through. This will help to spin the users in and not scare them away. Once that is achieved, you can gradually increase the complexity of the levels, allowing users to explore along the way and keep them interested. 

Give attention to visual aesthetics

Compromising the visual appearance of your mobile gaming application is a bad idea. The first impression that a user gets from a game depends on the visual aesthetics. So user experience should be your utmost priority while designing a gaming app. That is one sure way to attract gamers from all around the world.

Test the application 

Before you decide to launch your final game, create a testing model and present it for a demo first. With this, you will get a chance to get feedback from gamers and make modifications to your game accordingly. This could be anything from glitches in the application to the features of the game. This is also a great approach to fulfill user expectations and give them exactly what they want.

Give attention to your marketing strategy

Spreading the word about your gaming application is really crucial before its launch in order to receive a good response. Start marketing your gaming app at the right time for effective implementation of the marketing plan. Don’t forget to design your marketing campaign, keeping the target audience in mind.


Summing Up

As we already discussed above, gaming applications are in great demand and have taken a considerable amount of space in the app store. It is one of the high revenue-generating business ideas to invest in. Therefore it makes a lot of sense that launching your own mobile gaming app will get you a lot of benefits. 

Ones who have already launched their applications are heard saying that it was one of the best decisions of their life. Moreover, knowing that people love your game after all the hard work you did gives satisfaction like nothing else. While the things discussed above are just the pre-development considerations, there’s a lot more to it. Make sure no matter how time-consuming you feel it might be, just stick to the plan, and you will see delivering an application that people will love with all their hearts.

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