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Seemingly on the surface there isn’t anything particularly special about brass knuckles. They are often used by people who like to project a tough persona. But that’s not the end of their charisma. Brass knuckles are actually very tactile, effective tools and weapons. They have been around for centuries; found first in India in the 12th Century, called the Sher Panja “Lion Claw” and used in combat. Later they were developed in the Civil War in the United States in 1861.

The real brass knuckles were initially made with brass, as it was the most readily available metal and also a strong. Over the ages they’ve been made with different alloys and metals, but the name Brass Knuckles has stuck with its old reputation. 

What Are Brass Knuckles Used For?

  • They are mainly used for blunt force trauma. The edge of the knuckle can easily cause bruises, cuts and deep muscle disruption. 
  • Using a brass knuckle provides more force in punches and it can help keep you away from direct attack. 
  • In cases of assault or attack, brass knuckles provide effective self-defense against predators and criminals.
  • They aren’t only useful as weapons. Brass knuckles can also break glass, ice, and tough surfaces. So you can use them to escape out of dangerous situations as well.
  • Some less threatening forms of knuckle dusters are also worn as fashion accessories. They are popular among musicians and artists. 
  • Native Navajo bikers also wear them as part of their attire and it’s an important part of their culture. 
  • They are also used as decoration pieces; as hood ornaments for cars and paperweights in interior design.
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What States Are Brass Knuckles Legal In?

When used right, brass knuckles can also easily break off someone’s jaw. That is why there aren’t many states that allow public use of brass knuckles even for self-defense. 

  • But California, Illinois, Michigan and Vermont have lax laws about ownership.
  • It is advised that they aren’t carried concealed, as that is a criminal offense. 
  • As of late, brass knuckles are now legal in Texas as well. 
  • In the interest of their usefulness as self defense weapons, maybe more states will allow legal use of brass knuckles soon. 

Can I Buy Brass Knuckles Legally In The US?

Brass knuckles are however, legally sold, as there are many other uses for them as well. You can find quality brass knuckles for sale in local stores. But there is a greater chance of finding better variety and prices for good knuckles online. More manufacturers keep their inventory online and you can find compatible prices and better designs in the online pool. There is minimal or no specific restriction on the sale of brass knuckles legally, and you can buy them in the US.  

Style and Toughness – Cool Brass Knuckles for Sale

Now that it is established that brass knuckles are definitely a force to be reckoned with, you can get them easily. The real question stands, how to get the right one for the right purpose. There are usually the tactical and the ornamental kinds of knuckles you get in the market. 

By searching online, you will mostly likely get both choices at reasonable prices. If you are new to the knuckle game, or can’t decide what to get, here’s a quick guide to the best-sellers available:

  • Skull Wing Design Gold Self Defense

Extravagant, luxurious and a little threatening; these gold brass knuckles are the perfect fit to snazz up any wardrobe. They work really well as accessories to wear and to decorate your attire with.

  • Silver Knuckle Self Defense – Silver Cat Includes Pouch
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You can find various self defense weapons for sale, but this one is especially useful. These cat knuckles are specifically designed to hurt an assailant in case of harassment or assault. 

Since everyone has a different way of using knuckles, you will find different colors, designs and materials in them. They are made from high quality nylon fibers as well as shiny metals to appease all kinds of people. Just log online and search for the best brass knuckles near you. 

There is a reason that brass knuckles are preferred as self-defense weapons. Other than their apparent effectiveness, they are also incredibly affordable. They don’t require any additional training to use, and they’re simple. Common people can use them easily and can afford them as they barely cost above $10 and in most cases far lower.

Cheap Brass Knuckles for Sale at Knife Import

It may seem like brass knuckles are a novelty item, but they are quite popular. One of the biggest reasons is that they look good, work great but they are also incredibly cheap to buy. The knuckles listed above are from the brass knuckles website Knife Import.  Even the showier version like the Skull wing knuckle is worth $7.55, and the self-defense knuckle was $2.29 only.

Why is that? It’s because Knife Import offers wholesale prices for the most exquisite brass knuckles. You can search through their collection and find the one that suits your taste. You can compare prices before buying the knuckles you like by reading reviews of previous buyers. Whatever taste you have, you will find something that agrees with your aesthetic. And if you don’t want to spend too much, at Knife Import, your favorite knuckles will agree with your budget as well.

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