Lip Gloss Boxes – Structural Elements, Imagery, and Positioning

lip gloss boxess

lip gloss boxess

Structural elements such as shape, size, materials are a core part of packaging boxes. These elements reflect a great deal about the nature and personality of a product. Many functional packaging features such as tamper-proof seals, and zip-lock bags, among others, generate a measure of symbolic utility. In addition to the expected functional utility, the ease of disbursement, and improved security and protection of the product.

This symbolism usually takes the form of convenience, enhanced quality, or role associations. Reebok’s new Fitness Water product represents an excellent example of functional and symbolic benefit delivery via packaging structure. The packaging’s ErGo-Grip design, wide mouth cap, slender shape improves gripping, and reduces the “vacuum” effect when opening the bottle. Most importantly, suggest “fitness” to its on-the-go workout enthusiast consumers.

How Lip Gloss Boxes Elevates Product and Brand Identity?

The shape of lip gloss boxes creates an imagery identity. Top brands like Absolute, Arizona Tea, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Mentadent, and Perrier are some of the best examples in this regard. Cosmetic products like colognes, perfumes, and lip gloss that have used unique packaging to convey symbolic benefit. That’s why famous brands using unique custom lip gloss boxes have attained an iconic status.

Some Popular Examples

The original glass Coca-Cola bottle with its distinctive hourglass shape and Mrs. Butterworth’s grandmother-like figurine represented such symbolic icons. These brands benefit from tremendous “visual equity.” It is a term used to describe durable brands that build this equity. Visual equity provides a trigger for recognition and purchase and differentiating a product and brand from its competitors. Brand packaging experts note that consumers can easily locate preferred brands, physical shape differentiation is a very effective brand strategy.

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Highlighted sub-themes include the importance of color and product imagery for quality perceptions. And the lip gloss packaging boxes evoke nostalgic product images.

Product Imagery on Custom Lip Gloss Boxes

A common theme is essential in product imagery (e.g., pictures) and color in lip gloss packaging boxes. The points below indicate that these design elements of cute packaging for lip gloss provide a clue to the quality of the product, often influencing brand beliefs and product choice.

The brand loyalty increases, while the frequency of buying decisions made at the stores boosts at the same time. Thus, packaging portraying poor product imagery is not likely to be considered by the consumer at the point of purchase.

Upscale Positioning

The mediated experience with the customized packaging at the point of purchase has the potential to alter customer’s perception . The package fosters an improved identity for a product that was once purely positioned at a low price.

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