How to use structured cables for security

structured cables

Every communication requires flexibility and reliability. This flexibility and reliability are only possible by using suitable and secure networks.

Networks are safe and secure when the equipment used within those networks are safe. Most organizations and businesses are making fair use of structured cables for data transmission from one point to another to achieve security.

Structured cabling companies in Dubai have made the security and reliability of networks possible. Many organizations and individuals are looking up to the new and latest secure forms of cable to integrate them into their systems. Simplicity in the management of cables is now possible with structured cables.

But with the ease in network management, another purpose these structured cables provide is the security of the network and other security systems. In this article, we will learn how different types of structured wires help giving security.

Why security is so important

In terms of network and technology, security has become so important. The loss of data and hacking of systems is increasing with the number of people using technology. The most significant loss for any organization or business is losing its data. Security risks are now minimizing with the invention of new methods and ideas. 

One of the methods to increase security is the use of structured cables. Structured cables are now part of every network and in every security system. For example. In the cameras, control systems, and surveillance systems.

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Structured cabling companies are ensuring the security of the networks with their secure cables and services. More and more people are now making use of structured cable than other types of lines.

List of  structured cables used in security systems

The type of cable used depends on the security system. There are different types of wires used for each security system with its unique way of installation. We will discuss the two most frequently used security systems and the type of structured cabling for their installation.

  • Cables used in CCTV cameras: 

Different types of wires are now in use to set up a CCTV camera. One must make sure to use the right kind of cable. However, wireless CCTV cameras are also in demand, but they are not frequent to use or work with due to some specifications and drawbacks.

  • Coaxial cables
  • Video power cables
  • Siamese cables
  • Cat5 and cat6 cables
  • Ethernet cables
  • Cables used in access control systems

Access control systems are now gaining popularity. Access control cables provide security by granting access to registered people and people who are a part of that specific organization.  Mostly these systems are in organizations, homes, malls, offices, and banks, etc.

These systems’ working is different; some may require a thumb impression, some; read the user’s retina to grant access. Intrusion detectors are also a part of access control systems. These detectors ring the alarm on detection of the intruder

 The cables may be of the following type.

  • Composite cables
  • Request to exit cables or REX cables
  • Lock power cables
  • Door contact cables

These four types of cables are in a single cable called banana cable. The name given to this cable is because of its color similarities with the banana and secondly because we can easily peel it while installing.

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Most common mistakes in the installation of access control system cables

The purpose of installing security systems is incomplete if the system’s functionality fails to meet the security requirements. This failure is because of the wrong installation of the cables. The installation process is complex and needs excellent care. The most common mistakes are given below.

  • Selection of the cable
  • Not knowing the difference in voltages
  • Methods used to connect wires

Securing your security cables

The structured cables used in the security system need special care as we know that some of the wires are passing through the building walls. The installation of these cables is done during the building’s construction or later, depending upon the need. Ensure and secure the cables either by plastic or metal to make them safe from corrosion and water.

If the cables themselves are not secure, they will not provide the functionality we desire. The security purpose will not be complete without the care of the wires. One of the great benefits of structured cables is that they do not demand extra insulation or care like many cables.

Do you think your business needs structured cables?

If you want to ensure your business’s security and work, you must go for the promising options to provide protection and security to your workplace and the data. The use of security equipment has now become a necessity. No organization is successful without the security of the network and other resources. Make sure to secure your systems and the workplace by installing the structured cables. Structured cabling companies in Dubai for sure are the best options to consider while purchasing cables for your home or business.

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