How To start a WordPress blog? : Understanding All The Steps Involved

WordPress blog

WordPress blog

Do you want to know the basics of starting a WordPress blog? Well, then, you are on the right page…

In this blog, we will discuss How you can start a WordPress blog? and what are all the necessary steps involved in the process…

WordPress hosting is an excellent option for starting a WordPress blog. It is user-friendly, optimized for WordPress websites, secure, and provides access to WordPress experts for support.

A person may have several reasons for starting a WordPress blog, some want to earn money through it, some want to provide free knowledge to the world and some want to increase the internet traffic on their website, etc.

No matter what your reason is, you will still be required to go through all the basic steps involved in the process of developing a WordPress blog.

This way you will make sure that your blog has been set up correctly and you are publishing quality content on the website. 

But before you start a WordPress blog, you need to choose the genre in which you are going to write about. This will ensure in the future that your blogs have high-quality content, which in turn will result in more internet traffic on your WordPress blog page.

Let’s go ahead and understand the…

How you can start a WordPress blog?- All The Steps Involved 

Step 1: Hosting and Domain name

The first and foremost you need to do is to sign up with a hosting provider and then choose a domain name. 

A web hosting service is provided by several hosting companies and it is essentially where your website will be stored for safety. The hosting provider will store your website’s information on one of his company’s servers.

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You need to choose a hosting provider which provides the services of blog hosting. Then you will be required to choose a hosting plan as per your requirements:

  1. Before starting a WordPress blog page, you need to assess the fact that how much support will you be requiring…

If you do not have any technical expertise at all, then you should hire a blog hosting services provider, which offers a bundle of support services.

  1. You must ascertain the amount of internet traffic you can expect on your WordPress blog in your initial days of blogging. 

As some blog hosting service providers offer a more professional level of support for a higher price.

  1. Before you start a WordPress blog, you must think about your blogging requirements and then assess that which kind of server will be best for you. 

Following are the different kinds of servers:

  • Shared Hosting- It is one of the cheapest options available but here you will be required to share your server with other people.
  • Dedicated Hosting- This can be a costly option but here you will get a server that is dedicated to your website.
  • Cloud Hosting- Amazon and Microsoft offer this form of hosting service. It will be better for you when your business expands. The prices will vary upon your storage needs.

Domain Name

In the process of starting a WordPress blog, you will also be required to choose a domain name. It will act as your website’s address on the internet. For example, and are domain names.

So when you have taken up a hosting plan, then you will also get the option of choosing a domain name.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

You can choose to install  Installing Word, via two methods.

Method 1:

You can install WordPress from your Hosting Service’s Dashboard. For example, if you chose “XYZ” as your hosting service provider, then you only need to log in to your hosting account and then log in to the WordPress button. 

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Then you will be required to install the step-by-step install guide to set up WordPress.

This is one way, via which you can start a WordPress blog.

Method 2:

You can start installing WordPress from the ground.

  1. Firstly, you will be required to go to the website and download the latest version of WordPress. 
  1. Then once the download has been completed, unzip the file. 
  1. After that, you will be required to create a database for WordPress on your server and a MySQL user. Who will have all the privileges to edit it. 
  1. Then you must upload the WordPress files to your server. 
  1. Lastly, you will be required to select the option to Install now and run the installation.

And when you have successfully installed WordPress either way, then you can begin writing your first WordPress blog.

Step 3: Start Blogging

When you have completed all of the above steps to start a WordPress blog. Then you just need to decide on your first blog. After that, you can start writing your WordPress blog. 

Let’s see how you can start your first WordPress blog:

  1. Firstly, go to the WordPress dashboard
  1. Then click on the +New button in the top menu bar. And then from the drop-down list of options, select Post.

Now you will see that a fresh blank page appears.

  1. Enter “Title” first and then start writing your blog. If you want your first bog to be successful, then you need to make sure that you write high-quality content.
  1. And when you have written your blog, then you will be required to review and edit it. This will ensure that your blog is free of any kind of grammatical error.
  1. Last but not the least, make sure to check the content of your blog for plagiarism. Because a plag-free blog has higher chances of getting ranked in Google’s top search results.

When you have done all of this, you just need to publish the button and your blog will go live on the internet. But since you are a beginner blogger, you need to have patience while writing blogs.

As your first few blogs may not get ranked, but you will gain writing experience. Which will help you in producing quality content for your future blogs.

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