Explore How To Do Verified PDF/PPT Submission In SEO?

Verified PDF/PPT Submission

Verified PDF/PPT Submission

The PDF or PPT format is the most widely used format for exchanging documents such as reports, research, survey findings, manuals, and tutorials. Making your PDFs more search engine friendly will make it easier for search engines to locate them on your website. You can, for example, make Excel cheat sheets available in guest post & PDF format on your website. The challenge now is, how do you optimize your PDFs for seatback linking engines? Fortunately, it isn’t rocket science, and we have some tips on how to do verified PDF/PPT submission in SEO? First, let’s know what exactly is PDF submission?


What Is PDF/PPT Submission?

Verified PDF/PPT Submission

PDF/PPT submission is one of the most powerful methods of back linking. It aids in submitting the PDF to many sites and increasing the visibility of your website. The material in the PDF should entertain and worth reading, so make the most of it.


What Are The Benefits Of PDF/PPT Submission?

Verified PDF/PPT Submission benefits

Once you understand what PDF/PPT submission is, you may learn about its benefits:


  • With millions of internet users, posting your PDF for the entire world to view can raise your visibility and help you improve your website. Make sure you include enough connections to your website without overcrowding it.


  • PDF submission aids in the generation of a high page rank. The search engine displays the results in the order they were found. This order may be altered by drawing a larger audience while boosting the number of PDF document downloads.


  • You may increase organic traffic by improving your SERP. You can benefit from the link variety because most sites are linked to blog article directories and social media platforms.


How To Submit PDF/PPT In SEO?

This is the method for submitting PDF files linked to your websites or keywords. The major reason for performing this procedure is to increase your keyword ranking on search engines. To submit a PDF for SEO, three steps are required:


The following are the steps for submitting the PDF:


Step 1: In MS-Word, create the required material and integrate it with relevant and accessible keywords. You may also use hyperlinks to connect the keywords or subheadings. Make careful to create distinct subheadings for each topic.


Step 2: Convert the Word document to PDF.


Step 3: Distribute the PDF via various PDF sharing services.


Why Are PDF Files So Popular?

  • PDF files are simple to generate and take very little effort.


  • PDF documents are more secure than other types of files. Don’t be concerned about transmitting your docs over the internet or circulating them in the office.


  • PDF can compress extensive files to make them portable.


  • PDF files exist independently of the operating system, hardware, and software used to read, edit, or convert PDF files. It makes file transfers across computers with various hardware and software architectures simple.


Importance Of PDF/PPT Submission

PDF submission is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to promote your site. Since bots can now examine the contents of PDF files, the PDF promotion service has become a powerful and useful SEO tool for your site’s success. 


Here are the benefits that help to prove verified PDF/PPT submission’s importance.


Drive traffic from file-sharing websites: Millions of users frequent these sites for information, and your website content comes in useful here, bringing visitors to your site. As a result, online document sharing can help you receive a lot of direct visitors.


Link Diversification: When you pick PDF Submission Service for your website, you will receive a range of high-quality and diverse connections to your site, since most websites are connected to blogs, article directories, and social networking sites, among other places.


Immediate Search Engine Ranking Improvements: Because most verified PDF/PPT submission sites are indexed rapidly, your document will be indexed soon as well, and your website’s rating will undoubtedly rise with Google.


Increase Search Engine Visibility: Your website will receive more organic traffic from search engines because of increased SERP.


What Is The Purpose Of This PDF/PPT Submission Sites List 2022?

Off-page SEO methods such as PPT Submission sites are commonly used nowadays. PPT sharing help gets high-quality inbound links and increases your site’s exposure in key search engines. The most effective approach to getting authority backlinks is to produce a visually appealing PPT.


Because of these five factors, this is the only Top PPT Submission Sites List 2022:


  • Updates regularly (Last Updated in April 2022)
  • Websites that have been tried and tested
  • Only High Authority Websites
  • Sites with Instant Approval
  • Completely safe backlinks


Free PDF/PPT Submission Sites in India

Verified PDF/PPT Submission india

We have compiled a list of high PDF/PPT submission sites with good authority. You will quickly uncover the finest strategies to market your PPT’s and therefore your business website if you use them. Use all the submission sites listed below – 



We hope you will find it easier to post your PPT on the primary sites today. We provided you with the top websites that will provide you with the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.



Verified PDF/PPT Submission Sites





















www.wikiupload.com 50
https://fdocuments.in 30
www.dokumen.tips 51
https://dokumen.tips 51
www.slideserve.com 62
www.authorstream.com 87
www.slideshare.net 95
www.zippyshare.com 91
www.2shared.com 83
www.visual.ly/view 81

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