Dos and Don’ts of Parent in Early Years

Do's and Don't

Parenting is not book that could be read or memorized nor is it a basic set of rules to be followed. Parenting is different for each human being and there are ways you are going to learn when to stay strong when all you need is to give up. Sure becoming a parent is a joy but it also brings a lot of responsibilities and stress your way. The stress of raising a human being who contributes well to society,



Plan Their Education

Not to be creepy but some parents plan out a whole education plan for their kids long before they are born. While they get admission forms from various schools, visit and meet multiple principals and learn about the right school to get their child admitted to, the education seems to be a big part from the start. As early years lay down the foundation so you need to be careful with the planning. Sure pre-schools are expensive but you can always use the Kumon promo code to get your kid enrolled in one of the best early educational institutes.

Appreciation and Gratitude

A child is a human being with feelings and to appreciate and acknowledge their feelings is the only way to teach them to appreciate others. When your kid does something great while your inner mama screams to the top with joy don’t forget to show your emotions. Just because they are 1 year old does not mean they cannot see and feel that joy on your face.

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A Room for Error

Mistakes are your best teacher, rather than seeing a broken toy as an act of stubbornness tell them it is not wise to do so and learn about why they did. Maybe they were trying out something new or maybe they thought that it could be fixed in a better way. A little room of error will provide them the chance to grow.

Do Prioritize Yourself

Self-love is best learnt from an early age and how can you teach your kid to love themselves when you don’t love yourself? While you practice kindness and compassion with them don’t forget to be kind with yourself. Set an example by prioritizing yourself a little gently parent and teach them how they are the most worthy of their own love and kindness.


Don’t Over Punish

Would you beat a 20 year old over something silly? Then why does a child gets a beating when they do something wrong. Researches prove that parents who abuse their child physically or beat them raise stubborn and scared children.

Don’t Compare

This is not for early years but all of their life. Never compare an individual with the other. It takes away the sense of uniqueness and a child’s self-esteem is compromised at most. Rather let them observe and adapt to good habits and better modes of behavior.

Don’t Protect Them from Failure

Fixing everything your child goes through only makes them lazy and slow. Their thinking will never develop if they remain inside the box.

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