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Emoji Marketing

If pictures were worth of thousand words then Emoji marketing is your secret weapon to success!

Emojis aren’t just an ordinary form of digital communication, it has now transformed into an exceptional sales tool. Since the outspread of a novel coronavirus, most of our conversation has gone virtual. From Google Meets, Zoom Calls to Whatsapp Texts, one thing that has made our every professional or personal conversation more than expressive is- Emojis. Over the last decade, Emoji marketing has become an integral part of our daily conversation. It is now an urgent need for millions of people across the globe. This could be the first and foremost reason why every brand is adopting emoji marketing services to target youths and millennials. 


Yes, today chats are less of written words and more of funny emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Emojis is the new-age marketing tool for many niche brands that are allowing them to not only express themselves better but convey the message effectively. For instance, “Why not ?” depicted more sincerity while “Ya, Why Not ??, conveys a more insulting or sarcastic tone but in a humorous way. If you’re still searching or onboard implementing emoji marketing in your new or existing strategy but aren’t know how to start, this blog might help you with this. 


The Evolution of Emojis✌

In the 1990s, digitization is in full swing. The world has witnessed a rise in mobile phones, SMS, and later internet that has further made emojis more popular.

Evolution of Emojis


However, the first emoji is being created by the Shigetaka Kurita (Japanese Interface Designer) in 1999. He has created a set of small pictograms or icons and a set of other 176 symbols based on a 12x12px grid for the NTT DOCOMO (a Japanese mobile phone company). In 2011, a uniform emoji code has been established and was successfully integrated into the iPhone keyboard.


In the same year, the emoji revolution has been started taking place and companies have started added various options to introduced more gender as well as racial diversity. After the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the profound brand Apple has significantly introduced an internal initiative that was informed by the popularity of Kamoji in Japan.


Originally, Apple is the notable brand that has released a set of interesting 471 emojis available for the Japanese market only. 


Since then, custom emojis have been incorporated in almost all the dominant messaging platforms such as iMessage, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

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Today, emoji marketing has become a big thing. It is now giving a lifetime opportunity to brands and businesses to convey messages indifferently means without using any text.


What Is Emoji and Emoji Marketing??

Emoji Marketing

As you know, emojis are a set of small animated icons and images used particularly on mobile phones and several web pages. The emojis comes in various genres like people and emotions, animals, plants and food, object, transport and so on. Today, there are more than 1,620 emojis on the iOS keyboard alone, and new ones joining them every year.


When it comes to emoji marketing, it is an effective marketing tool that are allowing aspiring brands to integrate the same into their every marketing message interestingly. It is more likely for every brand to invest in emoji marketing services because:


  • Emoji marketing is way more efficient and beneficial than other forms of marketing.
  • It naturally humanizes your brand while building never-ending trust with the audience.
  • The smart use of emojis in social media helps in maximizing engagement as well as conversion rate
  • Emojis can make your brand visible online and memorable too
  • By investing in emoji marketing, you can give a distinct identity to your brand
  • Using emojis smartly will create an engaging and deeper connection with your new-age audience
  • Besides engagement, the emoji can deliver even the complicated message in a more simple and expressive way


Just like your brand logo, emojis are a form of visual expression that conveys any message, emotion, or thought effortlessly without speaking anything. To survive in this competitive digital arena, it becomes imperative for businesses to add a different layer of emojis in every message, post, or caption to get the most from it.


EMOJI MARKETING?Because Statistics & Numbers Won’t Lie?

Emoji Marketing

You must have noticed that more and more brands are now using different emojis in their messaging and branding alike. From a tendering kissy face to weird rolling eyes face, emojis are adding more value and depth in making your brand come alive. 


Having said that, let us now take through some interesting statistics and numbers related to emoji marketing.

  • Around 6 billion emojis and emoticons are sent every day
  • More than 40 percent of the millennials prefer to engage with emojis rather than pictures
  • On Facebook alone, over 5 billion emojis are sent every day
  • 25.4 percent of tweets with emojis gets better engagement
  • 57 percent of the Facebook posts get more likes only using emojis
  • Approximately 92 percent of the active internet users use emojis, gifs, and other symbols during their online interactions
  • 70 percent of people admit that emojis are in tune with their emotions and express feelings better
  • The LoL (Laugh Out Loud) ?is the most popular emojis in 2021. The thumbs up ?emoji came in second while the red heart ? emoji being in the third place.


These statistics prove that there is something enigmatic about emojis that easily attracts the attention of the masses. But, the question is how brands can implement emoji marketing services in their digital strategy. See how?

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So, How to Develop Solid Emoji Marketing Strategy??

Emoji Marketing Strategy

Emoji are extremely funny and humorous. It has the power to spruce up your serious content or social media post with a dash of color and a tinge of personality. As emojis are everywhere, it is the right time to embrace the power of emojis along with your marketing strategy. Here how you can do this?


Understand Each Emoji Carefully

Unlike any other marketing technique or tool, emoji marketing is one of the productive and fastest-growing languages across the world. In the coming years, you will witness the latest emerging emojis in the digital space. Being a smart business owner, you first need to understand every emoji carefully before using it. It is important to understand what emoji represents and what message it conveys. By doing this, you get the chance to evoke the right emotion in the mind of the user. 


Craft an Ultimate Emoji Marketing Strategy

Once you have thoroughly understood the concept of each emojis, the next step is to build a powerful emoji marketing strategy to target reliable customers or users. An established and thoughtful plan will help you maintain consistency, reliability, and consistent with your other marketing campaigns. 


Add A Unique Touch With Emojis

Personalizing your brand is one of the remarkable ways to take your brand’s voice forward as well as maintaining a long-term relationship with your existing or new customers. Using interesting emojis can help you achieve your marketing goals and allow you to know what your customers like and don’t like.


Use Interactive Emojis on Your Social Media Channels

As half of the population is going crazy over social media, it is imperative to add engaging emojis or emoticons to give a creative touch to your every social media account. From your bio, body of the content, to your comments, try to place the right flavor of emojis to get in tune with your audience’s changing emotions.


Use the Right Amount of Emojis

Though emojis are a great way to influence the masses but going overboard can ruin the same. If you want your customers to stay connected to your brand, then use the right amount of emojis. You can stick with two or three emojis along with some catchy content. 


If you’re little or fully convinced that embracing emoji marketing can make a difference, then go with it. Interestingly, people are also keen to follow those brands that are in tune with the latest trends and technology. Therefore, humanize your brand more while using interesting emojis from time to time.


Emoji Marketing: Telling Your Brands Story Differently Yet Interestingly ?

Emoji Marketing

Emojis are unapologetically the fun, effective, and result-oriented marketing tool to get your message forward. In the coming years, emojis will dramatically take your business to new heights with the emerging concepts, methodology, and trends. It is advisable to use emojis tactfully to bring more traffic and leads organically.

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