Why My Jabra Headsets Is Better Than Yours For Online Meetings

Jabra Evolve 2 headset

One can now never undermine the importance of online meetings as they have enabled the individual to stay in touch. In the era of social distancing, all you need is a mobile device and trusted Jabra headsets for uninterrupted communication. Although all headphones have a built-in mic, not all of them are manufactured equal. Having purpose build headphones for video calling and online meetings can help you stay productive regardless of surrounding noises. Best headsets are always perfect for reducing the ambient noise around you and helping you focus the matter of discussion.


From HD sound quality to comfort on demand, headsets by Jabra are tailor-made for your meeting use.


1) Versatile in All Environments:


These headsets are custom-designed for noisy environments where the quality of voice is one of the crucial elements. These headsets are perfect for connecting with more than one device to easily transition from one medium to another simultaneously. Moreover, the range of more than 10 meters helps you to feel free and easily perform different tasks during meetings.

Jabra Engage 65

The headsets are also highly compatible with bundles of software ranging from Zoom, Google Assistant, Skype, etc. The physical keys on the headsets are also perfect for controlling noise canceling, playing music, attending and ending calls, etc. The long-lasting battery, along with the fast charging, comfy ear pads, and high built quality, is perfect and versatile.


2) Perfect in High Noise Areas:


These headsets are also highly perfect for enhancing your productivity both in the office space and home spaces. They can be connected with the mobile device and can also communicate with the PC simultaneously via a USB dongle. The variety of noise-canceling mics in these headsets is perfect for providing you crisp audio quality in all sorts of situations.


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From home spaces to commuting, they are perfect for canceling the ambient sounds and providing you a flawless experience. Moreover, the earpads on these devices are also perfect for minimizing the noise and enhancing the sound quality. They reduce low-frequency noises such as the sound of the air conditioner to paper shredder effectively. These devices provide a top-notch experience regardless of the situation you are in.


3) HD Audio Quality and Fast Charging:

The headsets from Jabra are quite phenomenal when it comes to the quality of audio and fast charging. These headsets are compatible with a bundle of platforms ranging from smartphones, Tablets, desk phones, and PC platforms. Digitally enhanced cordless telecommunication (DECT) technology is also perfect to feel free and seamlessly transition from one device to another.

Jabra EVOLVE 80 Stereo

These headsets are also optimized with VoIP to make your experience while calling enhanced. The noise-canceling mics help to minimize the low-frequency ambient noises and make the audio quality crisp. Moreover, the long-lasting battery is perfect for providing you hours of talk time on a single charge. These devices are also configuring for fast charging so you can get more talk time while waiting less on charging.


4) Added Comfort:


Headsets by Jabra are also matchless when it comes to comfort. They come with on-ear leatherette cups to cover the ears effectively, minimizing the chances of noise interfering with you while calling. The medium length of the noise-canceling boom is also perfect to not restrict you along with the ultimate reduction of ambient noises. They are way superior to the Plantronics headsets when it comes to video calling.


They have physical keys to control the intensity of noise canceling. The volume rockers on the side enable you to listen to the outside world by switching noise cancellation off. The blinking lights on both earpieces can also be manually configured and help to make others aware when you are busy. The high-end Bluetooth technology also enables you to walk freely in the 10-meter radius without breaking the connection.

Jabra Evolve2 30 UC

5) Innovative Designs:


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Having a headset for your personal use is not only a utility, but it also helps you reflect your personality. The built quality is not the only factor, but the design and aesthetics of the headset also matter a lot. The design of the headset that you are using is perfect to showcase your personality, and Jabra knows it well.


The modern and sleek designs, along with the colored metallic accents, are perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of products. Just like the Sennheiser headsets, these devices are highly personalizable and help the consumers to tailor them according to their own preferences.


6) High Build Standard:


Along with the comfort and superior build quality, these Jabra headsets are also matchless when it comes to internal electronics and processors. All the elements ranging from the mics for noise-canceling to electronics are of the highest quality. The external body is also manufacturing of the highest grade materials, and unlike other headsets, they are highly resistant to impacts.

Jabra wireless headsets

Not only the build quality but the sound quality is also worth mentioning. These headsets have the smoothest sound flow to elevate the experience for you. It is on the quality and experience that the consumers are crazy for these headsets. All the variants of Jabra headsets are available on FindHeadsets with exclusive deals to help you save money.

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