Can The Third Eye Chakra Open On Its Own When You Meditate?

Third Eye Chakras

The concept of the third is one of the most prominent ones in our history. It can be traced back to ancient Hindu and Buddhist monks, Egyptian Pharaohs, and Mayan Gods. Each of these ancient civilizations believed in the concept of an all-seeing eye. Modern science also supports this claim because there has been a lot of research around this subject and now scientists have figured out which part of our brain is responsible for this all-seeing third eye. But, according to the yoga philosophy, the third eye is much more than just a part of our body. This is believed to be a part of our body as an energy center. The third eye is known as the third eye chakra or Ajna chakra. Read below to know more about Ajna Chakra and third eye awakening.

Third Eye Concept:

According to Yoga, the third eye Ajna chakra is the chakra in our body, the focal center of energy. It helps us form clarity and gets rid of ambiguity. This clarity is reflected in our decisions and our way of life. Apart from clarity, it also helps you concentrate, improves your imagination, intuition, and spiritual perception. These things combined help you live a better and more enlightened life. The third eye chakra also helps you connect with your soul. For these reasons, it is very important to keep this chakra open otherwise, your life will have no center, no focus, no clarity, and your personality will be a disaster.

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Awakening of The Third Eye:

The third eye awakening is done by meditation and yoga. For that reason, yoga gurus advise their students to learn and meditate. Deep meditation has been found very helpful in unlocking this chakra. Once this chakra is unlocked, you will be able to see the world with more concentration. This increased concentration will help you build more focus. Enhanced focusing ability will give you clarity in your mind. This clarity will be reflected in your actions and your life and character will become more and more transparent and clear. But this can take some time to awaken.

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A lot of people only do the deep meditation for a few days and expect that they would open their third eye chakra in minutes. But this is not how it works. It requires deep concentration and believing in yourself. Before unblocking this chakra, you will also need to unlock all of the other chakras in your body as well. This starts from the root chakra. If you try to do it outside of this sequence, you will never be able to succeed.

Meditation For Awakening of The Third Eye:

One of the main questions that a lot of students ask from their teachers is whether it is possible that they can unlock their third eye chakra on its own during the meditation. Yes, it is possible, but only if you have already unblocked all the other chakras and you are meditating deep enough. Your consciousness may activate this chakra on its own after this much struggle from your meditation. Once this chakra is unblocked, you will get this spiritual feeling of clarity.

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This clarity will be the first sign that you have unblocked your third eye chakra. But some gurus also disagree with this fact as well. According to their arguments, there is only a very slight chance of this happening, and not everyone is so lucky to unblock tier chakra on its own. Hence, it is very important that you learn about this chakra first and then start trying to unblock it.

Can it Open on Its Own with Meditation?

Yes, it is possible that when you are meditating very deeply, it can open on its own. But for that, you will need a lot of knowledge about how to practice, what to chant, what element to use and how to keep it unblocked. Think of the third eye awakening as one of the most important chakras of all. For that reason, it requires more care and hard work to open it and keep it open. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep your third eye chakra open for long.


The third eye awakening is actually an ancient concept proven by science as well. It is one of the most powerful chakras in our body. It helps us get clarity, direction, focus, and other important traits that help us get rid of the chaos from within. Once we get rid of this chaos from within, we will become calm and peaceful. This peace of mind would help you connect with your soul. Some people believe that this chakra can open on its own when you are meditating, it is true to some degree.

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