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A social network is a platform (website or mobile app) that lets individuals meet online and exchange posts by updating them, sending messages, or leaving a comment on the post. The social network floor requires their user’s details to tell the world about themselves.

Social Network Designing is a way to reach out to your customers on a large scale and let you reach your milestones in this competitive rivalry.

Agio Support Solution Private Limited provides social networking and website development services in India to help you expand your business and make a huge impact on your business’s growth

Social Networking Website Development Services at Agio

At Agio, our team of computer experts provides services in social network web development who create sites that fully reflect your business idea.

  • The team creates an appealing and impressionable social networking site.

  • We strengthen our wide-ranging expertise team of IT and marketing to help you lead search engines.

  • Social media website developers at Agio, assure you that you will achieve realistic goals, unlike most social media web development companies that claim to outshine other social networking platforms overnight.

  • We assure a state of comfort to users enabling profile making and customization features.

  • The auto-posting feature that we provide allows you to post updates automatically on various social networking sites.

Agio Support Solutions Private Limited is a social web development agency that can look after all your expectations. We help you connect you to your capable buyers and employees in your firm to make your market popular among the best people.

Hire Social Media Developer at Agio Support Solutions Private Limited

We have a team of brainy professionals to take care of your social network website design and development and meet your expectations no matter how complicated they are.

Take this advantageous demonstration only at Agio Support Solutions Private Limited.

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Core feature of social networking website

Profile Creation

Ensure that you maintain top-notch security of all your customers’ accounts with the help of 2-factor authentication.

Friendlist & invitation

This feature of Digipay’s cryptocurrency wallet makes it easy for all your user to quickly access all frequently used addresses.

Interval Chat System

Digipay’s cryptocurrency wallet ensures that your users accept and send cryptocurrency with just a single click via a QR code scanner.

Feed, Post Timeline

With Digipay, you can enable your users to view the conversion rates and updated cryptocurrency value in real-time.


Allow your users to view all the past transactions made by them with various filters such as daily, weekly, and monthly.

Mongo DB

Send push notifications to your all your users whenever there is a change in the value or price of the cryptocurrencies.


In this feature, each session logs out automatically which initiates new login triggers after a specified period for security purpose.


Digipay comes with wallet backup feature which protects your users’ cryptocurrencies against software theft and failure.

Our Social Engineering Methodology

Social engineering is a practice of misleading or manipulating users using computing systems to reveal private pieces of information that can be used to gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

It includes activities such as exploiting human kindness, selfishness, and eagerness to gain a way to restricted access to users installing backdoor software.

In organizations like Agio, we provide services for social media website development companies and network design and have security policies that relieve the users from social engineering.


Agio receives several questions about the social media website’s development and network design. Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers are listed below:

If you ask us, we suggest you try updating your post every single day. But it also depends on the audience you targeted for your business. You should keep a regular check if posting more often makes any difference in your performance.

It depends and differs from organization to organization.

It generally depends on your core audiences. Try using graphics, and images to talk about your business. People often understand concepts of the business through visual contexts. As concern about business growth, you can ask your audience about which content they would like to see more.

we recommend our clients publish their 1-2 posts per week. While posting, make sure to focus on strategy, content, and advertising. If you don’t want your engagement with your buyers to get a decline, try avoiding post more than 1-5 in a month.

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