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If you want to stay at the top among your customers, try e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is a great addition to your other digital marketing projects. Why? Because it builds loyalty and engagement with customers that functions on mobile too.

As we all know that similar to everything else, the first step in e-mail marketing is also to set goals. Do you want to use email to display your products and services and bring more visitors to your website? Do you want to use your e-mail to energize your business results?

No matter what your goals are, a good place like Agio provides Email Marketing Services that have expressed an interest in your business.

Therefore, e-mail marketing is a great way for you to develop relationships with both potential and existing customers. You can also modify your communications based on their particular interests.

By offering useful and engaging content chances are high that you can build loyalty over time. A strong customer base will help your business grow.

Boost Your Sale With E-Mail Marketing

You know you don’t want to upset your customers with too much content in one email or too many emails in continuation. Try starting with a friendly hello and an introduction. Next, you might send information about your business and the product you’re trying to sell. At this point, you can ask them one or two questions to ask about their interest a bit.

After getting all the information about your customer, you can send specific offers or relatable content they might find interesting. This way you are educating your potential customers about your business, you can use services like marketing emails Agio offers to learn more about them as well.

It is also important to ask your customers consistently if they’re interested in receiving updates for other products and services. These loyal customers who have been on your contact list for a long time are really important for your business.

You can also use email to request feedback from your contact list about their shopping and customer support experience. This helps you to offer solutions to their issues and thank them for being your customer.

Tools We Use in E-Mail Marketing

The e-mail marketing toolkit is the application that every email marketer should have on their PC. Well, an email marketing toolkit is a list of small tools to help you use as an email marketer.

Well, Agio is here to help you with the tools that we use to deliver top email marketing services in Delhi.

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This is the email marketing software that can be used as an all-in-one marketing platform because there are features like a landing page builder, a funnel builder, and a webinar solution. They have incredible automatic technology tools, have great support. One of the cheapest options. Its workflow feature is used to visually build your email sequences. With the help of GetResponse, we make sure to send email to people are interested in. which increases the organization’s open rates and also helps with getting in the inbox instead of the spam folder. They don’t have any restrictions when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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When it comes to email automation workflows based on user behavior, ActiveCampaign is the best tool we use. Just like GetResponse, they also have a visual email automation workflow builder with tons of segmentation possibilities based on behavior, action, social data, or location. Another highlight of this platform is that it allows sending text messages through ActiveCampaign when captured the phone numbers of the contacts. It is also good in the deliverability of their email servers. It means that your emails are seen by your subscribers because they will be delivered to the inbox.

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One of the most popular software among bloggers. On their website, their targeted audiences are creators, bloggers, YouTube, or Instagram influencers. Their service is very easy to use. They are also known for having very good support and they also come with a landing page builder and an email automation workflow builder. It doesn’t come with advanced features unlike ActiveCampaign and GetResponse like in-depth reporting and it also doesn’t have as many designed templates

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This is a relatively new company with very affordable prices and a very attractive free plan. One special feature about them is that to the number of emails you send out as opposed to the number of contacts who have like most other email marketing services for small business like Agio do. It has all standard features like email automation, landing pages, and sign-up forms. This platform is budget0friendly to use.


Benchmark has made it a quick and easy process for us to create professional-looking emails to keep our customers and interested parties engaged.”

— Gavin Wieske, Marketing Manager | Sandbox

How to improve email marketing?

You are sending emails, but why aren’t a lot of people opening up? Most people are getting less than 10% open rates. If you are not getting over a 20% open rate, you are dealing with something wrong.

Don’t worry, Agio got you covered. We have solutions to improve that number.

1. Test the sender’s email - sender name is affected that results in decreasing rates of one rate.

2. Use casual subject line - When your friends sending you an email, their subject line is way more casual than professional. This is why you open your friend’s emails way more than you open up a business email.

3. Make sure your subject line is lowercase. You can test that using upper case and being proper.

Put the person’s name in the subject line. When you make the subject line personalized to that person by including their name, it results in open rate drastically increases usually by 5% to 7% more.

Why Choosing Agio For E-Mail Marketing Is Important?
email marketing importance

This is because it greatly helps you increase your reach and increase the likelihood of your business. You can get more revenue and potential customers with new strategic email marketing campaigns. Also, the best part is that it analyzes performance and optimizes the campaign. It’s easy to keep track of every record and status of the entire marketing campaign.

And now we are in 2021, with more than half of the world's population using email, and it will reach 4.5 billion by 2023. According to the study, approximately 90% of B2B companies use email as their intimate form of communication. Whereas, 60% of them work regularly and do email marketing.

Strategies for Your Marketing Emails

People use emails to connect with friends and relatives. 17% prefer social media. So, Agio helps their client achieve their goals through email marketing as it is one of the profitable marketing tools.

  • 1. With an email marketing strategy, a company can plan when to send time-based promotions or non-promotional emails. Time-based promotions are emails containing time-sensitive messages which prompt recipients to take action, for example, purchasing a discounted product, registering for a new class, or booking an appointment. Non-promotional emails are less timely and sales-driven.


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One of the most common questions we receive. There can be a million ideas of content. You know you don’t want to upset your customers with too much content in one email or too many emails in continuation. Try starting with a friendly hello and an introduction.

We always recommend growing your list organically for the best return on investment. But, some clients do that and purchase.

This is probably one of the questions that we get asked most of the time. The honest answer would be there is no ideal time to send emails out. there are two types of business Email “B2B & B2C”. For B2B Email, it has seen that Tuesday & Thursday has a higher email opening rate than other days of the week.

Most brands send about four to five emails to their list in any standard month. The magic number for email marketing is three per month. But, we have a solution for you. We will show you how you can drip feed the right information across multiple platforms automatically keeping your email engagement high and your unsubscribe rate low.

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