Crypto Payment & Wallet Development

A Futuristic Drive to Integrate Security And Reliability into the Crypto Ecosystem

Harnessing the Power of Advanced Technology

In the fast-paced and all-consuming world of crypto, Agio is dedicated to delivering the ultimate token of security into crypto payments through its highly advanced and efficient cryptocurrency wallet solutions. The growing recognition of the crypto space reflects evidently on the seemingly endless potential of the market and increasing use cases around the globe. At Agio, we are intently focused to become a medium of safe, secure, and efficient transition into the not-so-distant blockchain future. From the distant reach of the conventional mode of payments, crypto trading and investing knots tightly with a secure crypto wallet.

Immune to hacking, data breaches, and away from the eyes of third-party interventions, crypto payment wallets ensure smooth transactions between both parties, allowing users to retain control over their funds. Agio aims to leverage its advanced IT solutions and skilled developers to deliver high-end cryptocurrency wallet development services. Going beyond the top-tier safety measures, the crypto ecosystem is heavily accounted for by their cryptocurrency wallet solutions. A secure crypto wallet can claim the user's ability to trust and rely on a space that is still nascent and comes with a long history of volatility in hand.

Agio’s Cryptocurrency Wallet System

Agio delivers ultimate blockchain solutions along with an unbeatable cryptocurrency wallet system that comes with numerous features.

2-Factor Authentication

With 2-factor authentication, you can ensure that all of your users have access to an account with high-end security.

Frequently Used Addresses

Agio’s cryptocurrency wallet system allows your users to have quick and easy access to all the frequently used addresses.

QR Code Scanner

With the QR code scanner feature, all your users can easily receive and send cryptocurrency at a single click or touch of the screen.

Conversion Rates

With Agio’s cryptocurrency wallet system, your users will have access to conversion rates and updated cryptocurrency value.

Transaction history

This feature will help your users to manage and view their previous transactions with different filters like daily, weekly, and monthly.

Push Notifications

This feature allows you to send a push notification to your users whenever there is a change in the value of cryptocurrencies.

Automatic Session Logout

For Security, this feature automatically logs users out of each session, initiating a new login trigger after a certain period of time.

Wallet Backup

Agio’s wallet backup feature keeps your users’ crypto assets safe in case of technical software faults, hack, or theft.

Agio Crypto Payment & Wallet Development

With an extensive drive to contribute to the advancement of the expanding crypto industry, Agio strives to deliver expertise and perfection in developing a full-proof cryptocurrency wallet system. Keeping customer satisfaction and security measures in priority, we focus on providing customized products and solutions that are heavily experimented with and priorly test run to prevent any technical faults or errors. Agio offers an advantageous stride ahead of competitors with our extensive knowledge and technical skillset.

Everything that Agio Offers Beyond the Delivery of the End Product

As Crypto Crusaders, we take pride in customization and experimentation to offer various crypto wallets

  • DeFi Wallet Development

    A decentralized wallet supported by institutional-grade security offers your users complete control over their funds.

  • Desktop Wallet Development

    Desktop wallets are known to be a highly effective method as cold storage for cryptocurrencies, even safer than mobile and web wallets.

  • Hardware Wallet Development

    Along with being highly secured and easy to work with, hardware wallets particularly handle forks better than other wallets.

  • Mobile Wallet Development

    With the increasing volume in mobile trading, we offer mobile wallet development, safely compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

  • Multi-Currency Wallet Development

    Through Agio’s multi-currency wallet services, we facilitate our users to store different crypto coins and tokens in a single and secure wallet.

  • Web Wallet Development

    With top-notch security measures and an efficient user interface, our web wallet can securely manage and support users’ multiple crypto assets.


Dive into the exciting world of cryptocurrency with all your doubts and queries cleared with Agio

Crypto wallets work safely with the help of private keys. A transaction requires the sender’s private key that is only known to the asset owner to match with the receiver’s public address. Once the transaction is completed, assets are moved to the new owner’s wallet address.

Yes, you can definitely store multiple currencies in one wallet. We specifically offer multiple currency wallets with supreme security measures that can support leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

When it comes to hot wallets, they operate online as they are connected directly with the internet and the wallet’s private keys are stored digitally. On the other hand, cold wallets are not connected to the internet and the private keys are stored offline.

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