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A Seamless Journey of Transforming Visionary Plans into Crypto Reality

A Holistic and Strategistic Paragon of “CryptoSystem”

Swiftly assisting users in trading digital assets, Cryptocurrency exchanges are required to check complex and detailed criteria to present that one-stop platform for traders to join the raging crypto revolution. At Agio, we take it on ourselves to endlessly refine and perfect the development of White label cryptocurrency exchange platform for our clients and meet vital elements like transparency, security, accuracy, and flexibility.

We, at Agio, are pioneers in creating cryptocurrency exchanges that give your idea a real shape by diligently creating a customized white label cryptocurrency exchange software for our clients. Well equipped with experience and in-depth research, we aim to create cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms for fast and secure transactions.

Discover Equitable Formulation for your Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

With our forward-thinking and technology-agnostic approach, we address vital aspects like security, scalability, functionality, and UI/UX of the platform. Regardless of the industry that you deal in, Agio can help you build a platform that is well-suited to all your business requirements. We develop cryptocurrency exchange platforms in a way that can be easily integrated to provide you with bug-free virtual transactions and create a screen against all malicious activities.

Developing Optimal Cryptocurrency Exchanges with an Endless Run of Features:

  • More than 2100+ Cryptocurrencies available
  • 85 Currencies supported
  • Live trading
  • Get your wallet balance
  • Buy / Sell Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) with Market & Limit Mode
  • Advanced coin page
  • Depth Graph
  • Order book
  • Private Blockfolio
  • Advanced trader chart candlesticks
  • Techinical indicators fully customizable 10 technical indicators Techinical indicators fully customizable (parameters, color, line)
  • Coins history data from 1 minute to 5 months
  • Live data
  • Live trending on chart
  • Detailed Market analysis
  • News & Social
  • Watching list
  • Heatmap
  • Top movers
  • Live market (sell/buy) with market balancing
  • Calculator (Cryptocurrency <==> Currencies)
  • Up to 6 charts on the dashboard
  • 9 types of dashboards available
  • Notifications on Mobile, Browser, Windows
A plethora of possibilities and opportunities with Agio’s innovative and guided approach to developing White label cryptocurrency exchange software solutions.

Crypto trading via white label cryptocurrency exchange has global recognition across the entire crypto community. As the world tumbles under the testing times of a pandemic, Agio offers a supportive and guided hand by ideating your concept and vision into a successful white label cryptocurrency exchange of efficacy, stability, and security. With our trained and experienced skill set on the table, Agio contributes unprecedented benefits including real-time data-based insights, faster transactions & processing, sufficient liquidity, and a reward-oriented referral program. Agio aims to deliver market-ready and customized solutions for a power-packed performance.

FConstructing a market-driven cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch is undeniably a long and hectic procedure. Moreover, the designing and development stage of building a cryptocurrency exchange gives a hefty tap on the wallet. But with Agio’s innovative and advanced white label cryptocurrency exchange development solutions, our clients can benefit through a steady delivery of top-notch platforms built to their best-suited customized needs. Prioritizing our security features among others, our product ensures secure and flawless transactions.

What does our White Label Crypto Exchange offer?

Along with the long list of features that comes with our cryptocurrency exchange development, Agio dissects deeper into further refining and integrates several features to improve speed, scalability, and security in its white label cryptocurrency exchange development. Along with supporting leading cryptocurrency, our white label exchange solutions also have major fiat currencies including USD. Our keen sense of detail reflects in the exchange’s ability to automate KYC/AML verification for accredited traders & investors and legitimate transactions along with IOS and Android compatibility on both web and mobile applications.

Delivering 360-degree solutions, our white label cryptocurrency exchange is integrated with a state-of-the-art secure crypto wallet with multi signatures and multi-currency support. With an easy-to-use interface, our exchange promotes efficiency and also allows users to add or delete cryptos based on their preferences. Integrated with blockchain technology, our exchange development includes a crypto price-ticker tool along with an advanced matching engine. More importantly, we at Agio are customer-driven and focus highly on delivering efficiency while customizing according to our client’s ideation, concept, and vision.

Why Choose Agio for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

As technology evangelists, Agio strives with a goal to revolutionize various industries by integrating advanced technology across sectors to help them evolve into successful and profitable businesses. Our trusted team of blockchain experts and developers brings core functionalities and features to the development of cryptocurrency exchanges. Assuring a seamless experience, we stress delivering the most efficient model of customer preference while developing solutions.

Highlighted security features in our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Our cryptocurrency exchange development takes pride in incorporating high-end security with innovation

  • HTTPS Authentication

    Agio cryptocurrency exchange development solutions offer leading and highly secure HTTPS Authentication tokens like OAuth.

  • Jail Login

    Through this feature, your exchange can be prevented from multiple login failed attempts for a particular amount of time.

  • Data Encryption

    Maintaining the sanctity and privacy of user information and credentials, we provide encryption in data transmission.

  • CSRF Protection

    Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) offers protection against state change requests and other skeptical actions on users’ ends.

  • Anti-Denial of Service (DDoS)

    The Anti-Denial of Service feature helps the exchange by defending it against massive volume in requests on the server.

  • Escrow System

    This feature establishes trust when an asset is exchanged between two parties by using a trusted third party or smart contract.


Dive into the exciting world of cryptocurrency with all your doubts and queries cleared with Agio

The time to build a cryptocurrency exchange depends entirely on the client’s preferences and requirements and the type of exchange they envision. However, users can save a lot of time by going for customized White Label cryptocurrency exchange software.

Again, it is quite subjective. The cost of building a white label crypto exchange from scratch depends completely on the customer’s preferences, requiring customization, and features they want. However, tailor-made white label solutions are proven to be cost-effective.

KYC/AML is a necessity in every blockchain crypto exchange because it only allows verified and authentic users to enter and access the exchange. This verification feature combined with blockchain makes for extensively secure and risk-free transactions.

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