Top Real Estate Email Marketing Tools You Should Know

Many entrepreneurs from the real estate industry look for tools to spark up their email marketing performance. Real estate is undoubtedly a profitable area where people make millions within one or two years. Email marketing can be useful for real estate startups to reach clients all around the world. In today’s time, the prices of lands and other rental properties are increasing at a quick pace. If you want to make profits on the land deals, you can certainly go for an email marketing campaign. In this article, I will tell you about the top real estate email marketing tools. So, let’s dive in!

Top Real Estate Email Marketing Tools   

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a topmost choice among email marketers out there. For the real estate industry, it can be the number one tool. You can automate your mails by using the drag and drop feature that comes handy with this email marketing tool. Quite often, newsletters are needed to get transferred to clients. You can use MailChimp in this case because it is a quick newsletter sending tool. MailChimp comes with the free plan, so you can access many features and get started with it. You can also entice people to register to your website by going through your emails. MailChimp comes with a plethora of integrations with the real estate industry. So, you do not have to get any third-party tool installed in your system.

2. Get Response

Many tools focus on sending mass emails to several clients, but Get Response allows you to focus more on autoresponders. Get Response is more advanced than MailChimp when it comes to the autoresponder system in use. The landing pages it consists of are quite helpful to gain leads. Get Response has a drag and drop feature together with a massive template library, which makes it a better choice among the marketers. However, not all the features of the Get Response are free. You have to pay up to $15 a month for more added features. A demerit with this tool is you do not get worthy design editors for use. Otherwise, many of its features are better than even MailChimp.

3. Constant Contact

This tool is a top choice among real estate email marketers having no significant reach in the market. By this, I mean a small real estate startup can make the best out of Constant Contact. Constant Contact is a complete package of helpful tools focusing primarily on new startup owners. You also get a dashboard from where you can monitor your email marketing performance. This tool also has a massive library containing all possible templates for the realtors. From the campaign screen, you can expand your Facebook page, gather survey data, and open house events. All these features are enough to let a new company from the real estate industry to grow. 

4. AWeber

AWeber is quite different from the three tools in the list. All of them focus more on newsletters rather than email marketing. However, this tool lets users tap into the real email marketing campaigns for realtors. To use AWeber, you have to pay $19/month. The plans you get by giving that much amount are focused on simple drip email marketing. AWeber is unique because of the depth of analytics you acquire with it. MailChimp and Get Response are not much into offering deep analytics. With Aweber, you can understand how customers are interacting with your platform through emails. A demerit while using this tool is you do not get many compelling templates. These visuals are not so easy for a beginner to customize. 

5. Campaign Monitor

Last but not least, we have the Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor has an advanced look, and it is available at quite a reasonable price. This tool works best to send newsletters, and you can create a drip email system without worrying too much. Campaign Monitor can be the best option for beginners as it has a step-by-step guiding system to set up the drip system. With Campaign Monitor, you can quickly segment your audience. Such a feature is not available on all the previous tools. Thus, you can use it if you are more into segmentation. 


So, we have seen some of the best real estate email marketing tools. Every startup belonging to any industry should use email marketing. The more you utilize these tools, the better you start getting results within a short time. Some tools focus on audiences and some on getting the analytics. You are the one to decide the email marketing tool to boost your growth in the real estate industry. If you want professional assistance, you can approach an email marketing company in India. There are thousands of agencies offering email marketing services in India, and all of them can help your startup grow from the early stages.

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