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Efficiently manage your school or any educational institution is not a child’s game. Handle the no. Handling the records of hundreds of students is not a casual job. It requires much effort to manage the school efficiently. Especially managing the paper documentation which is more challenging nowadays.

That’s the time when you feel the need for automation to handle administrative tasks and school operations. You come with an idea to automate the school that will support you with the paperless management of records. And it also reduces the teacher’s burden and other school staff to a huge extent. Moreover, manipulating the innovative automated schools can help you to reduce the cost per student, significantly. There are also other aspects including a timetable, payroll, HR, library, fee collection, transport, and exam management. Many software has been introduced in the market to automate school operations. It will help to manage the school efficiently and need to put minimum effort into it. But I would like to recommend eSchool software.

Over here is a list of the modules of a school management system for managing your school that will help you to experience better school management.

Student management 

Maintaining the record of hundreds of students using papers is a waste of time nowadays. The student management system enables the school staff to easily register the students with all information. The main goal of this module is to give a 360-degree view to manage all student records and administration. Everything from registration, admission, attendance, student profile, grades, billing, and behavioral information to make the entire process of student enrollment quick, systematic, and error-free. eSchool is a flexible and powerful student information system because it’s a web-based system and can be accessed from anywhere with a single click.

Exam management 

The exam management offers a web-based approach for grade books to cut unnecessary costs and paper wastage incurred during the preparation of report cards. The teachers can access, update student marks and add comments while parents can see student performance and grade books on the web portal or via mobile app. 

Fee management 

Fee management enables a school to automate, streamline and transform fee processing to perform efficient school operations and reduce costs. This module offers flexibility to set up fee heads and fee structures as applicable to all students across their courses in the school.  Now School management system has become a preferred choice nowadays. Today, 100s  of schools are fully relying on eSchool software to manage students’ records effectively.

Transport management 

The transport management has great features from taking care of students to the driver records and assisting to tackle everything efficiently, It also enables the school administration to define routes, accessing real-time data, and notify the parents with real-time data. eSchool is designed to take care of school buses, saving the information of drivers and payments in its database.  

Timetable management 

You can create error-free timetables to schedule the classes for students, schedules for teachers, and a master table for school administrators. The admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent. It also automates the paperless environment and simplifies all the payroll calculations for admins. This module in eSchool also provides an advanced level of efficiency and comfortability with data storage capabilities and real-time monitoring features. 

HR management

All the information of school staff will be organized along with the all details. This module will assist in maintaining proper records of attendance, leaves, joining, transfer, resignation, contracts, and promotions. eSchool is a flexible and web-based HR software for schools, higher education, and other institutions. We help schools to optimize their workforce and increase visibility over human capital.  

Library management 

You can keep a record of whole transactions of books available in the library. This module is easy to use and fulfills all the requirements of a school librarian. It also helps the students to find their desired books within no time. And also to know their desired issued books.

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