Advantages of Doorstep Car Service

One would have heard of doorstep food delivery but what about doorstep car repair? A while ago one could not have imagined it but it is made possible and it is probably what one’s car needs after months of lockdown because of the pandemic. One’s car would probably require a revival to function at its efficiency as it is a piece of machinery, that hasn’t been used for months. 

Not only during situations like these, but the car services offered at the doorstep is also next level convenient. General services like a flat tyre, jump-starting a car, problem with car AC can be done literally at your doorstep in stipulated time. 

Whereas, complex services such as body repair, tyres, and batteries, mechanical issues, etc may require your car to be taken to a certified garage but one need not worry as one is provided with pick and drop facility of a car with real-time updates regarding the service.

Services offered are-

  • Jumpstart
  • Classic car repair
  • Interior detailing
  • Battery health check-up 
  • Oil leakages
  • Break problems
  • A.C. problems 
  • Flat tyre repair 
  • Horn replacement
  • Electrical wire problem
  • Complete car spa
  • Wash and wax
  • Exterior Rubbing and polishing

You can get all services from as minimal as a jump-start to as complex as car paint. All these services are followed by detailed analytic reports, customer reviews, frequently asked questions, and a cost breaks up of the service. Apart from all this one can also know what kind of service is required and when and what are the constituents of that service. This way one would be assured that he is being charged for what he wants.

These services are currently available in major Indian cities like- Car servicing Bangalore, Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Noida, Hyderabad, and Faridabad.

Advantages of using online car doorstep services:

  • Free car pick up and drop
  • Free pick up and drop of documents
  • Hassle-free online payments
  • Faster delivery with real-time updates
  • Diagnostics reports of the service
  • Cost break up 
  • Service warranty 
  • Genuine spares 
  • Expert technicians
  • No processing fee

It is a very easy and hassle-free process to book a car service all one needs to do is enter his location, choose the car company followed by car model then car variant that is petrol or diesel, then one has to choose the service one wants and then pay for the service either online or cash after the service is done.

One can also become a partner that gets one’s garage certified to take advantage of the wide customer base and hassle-free online services. The company follows the following policy that is of the garage, by the garage, for the garage. One can also get help from the company regarding business decisions. 

Services provided to partner garage-

  • Technology to manage the business efficiently 
  • Availability of spares within 30 minutes 
  • Branding to increase customer spread
  • Training of employees for improvement in productivity 
  • Tools and infrastructure to provide services at a better pace 
  • Handling billing and invoice related issues

All one needs to do is enter one’s number and the company would call you and register you as a partner by verifying a few documents.

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