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The modern version of golf dates back to the 15th century. Historians have found the roots of this traditional golf course game in Scotland. Since ancient times, the game is associated with the elite class. Now although the status quo attached to the golf course is almost lost, elegance and traditional etiquettes remain untouched. Therefore, golf courses and clubs still go with a proper dress code.

However, the modern dress codes are not as uptight as they were in the older days. The clubs most probably adhere to the dress code to keep the protocols and traditions of the game alive, even for the amateur players. The current article gives you detailed etiquettes of the wear golf courses so you do not feel misfit on your initial visits to a golf course.


Golf Shirt

A collared shirt is customary for male golf players. Male golfers can wear golf polos or golf shirts with long or short sleeves according to their preference.

Some modern choices for golf shirts are ones with a blade collar or mock neck. In any case, the etiquette requires the golfer to keep the shirt tucked in the pants or shorts while playing the game. It’s a known golf etiquette to tuck your shirt into your pants or shorts. Therefore, golf polos are longer than normal polos so they can remain tucked in the belt. You can layer up your upper body with a sweater, light jacket, vest, or wind shirt in colder seasons.

The don’t’s of the golf course shirts are that they should not be t-shirts and should not have loud and gaudy patterns. It does not go well with the elegance of golf.

Similar etiquettes apply to female golfers. They can wear collared shirts, golf dresses, or athletic tops without collars. However, tanks, tube tops, and flowy jumpers are a big no on a golf course.


Golf Bottoms

You have several options when it comes to pants that you can wear to the golf course. Conventional golfers and fans normally frown upon those who wear jeans and denim pants while playing golf. Some clubs even restrict the members from wearing jeans. Suitable choices for golf pants are slacks, and polyester or cotton trousers. In the warm season, pair of dress shorts are the best choice. However, your golf shorts should be long enough to reach your knee but no longer. In any case, long pants or shorts, try to wear the ones that have belt loops. Belts complement golf outfits.

Female golfers also have a variety of choices for bottoms when they are out for a golfing venture. They can wear golf shorts and skirts. The appropriate length of these skirts is that they should reach mid-thigh or end just above the knee. Other options are capris, culottes, and golf pants. Warm days call for shorts too.

The don’ts for the bottoms at the golf course are drawstrings, running shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts, jeans, and three-quarters. They are two sloppy for the game. Females should avoid wearing mini skirts and sundresses.

The dos of golf involve deep pockets and neutral colors. Many golfers prefer pants that with deep pockets. Some prefer five-pocket bottoms too. These kinds of pockets are handy to store ball markers and divot repair tools.

Golf course footwear

While you can wear running shoes too to the golf course but for a more stable footing and all-day comfort, it is better to wear golf shoes when you are playing the game. Some people wear tennis shoes, but they are not optimal due to a lack of traction.

Metal spikes are highly unsuitable to wear to golf courses as they ruin the grass bed. Rubber or plastic spikes on the soles are the right choice as they aid you in your game. Some manufacturers produce specific golf sandals with rubber and plastic spikes.

The right colors for men’s golf shoes are white, brown, and black. Contrarily, women’s golf shoes have more variety in color.

Sandals, high heels, flip flops, boots, and metal spikes are a complete no for a golf course. Metal spikes and high heels will damage the greens of the golf course by causing putt-off marks. Moreover, these shoes can give you foot sores as well because you require to walk a lot while playing the game.

Next in footwear come the socks. Ankle length, crew socks, and tube socks are the right choices to go with golf shoes. Men can wear white no-show socks or ankle socks. However, some courses and clubs that are more traditional require knee-length socks, particularly if you are wearing shorts. As for material, golf socks should have a fabric that absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry and non-slippery while you are swinging and walking in the field. Socks should come to your ankles and not rise above them.

Golf course headwear

Golf is played directly under the sunlight. Therefore, it is essential to seek protection from sunlight by wearing proper headwear. Visors and baseball caps are popular options, but you can go for straw hats, bucket hats, and beanies according to the weather

Cowboy hats, fedoras, and other such dramatic hats are not acceptable on a golf course. They hinder in making swings. Also, anyone wearing such headwear is considered as someone ignorant of Golf traditions and etiquettes. Speaking of etiquettes, always take off whatever cap you are entering a building. Another golf etiquette is to keep the hat face forward all the time. No funky back caps are appropriate for the game of golf. Moreover, the forward face will protect your eyes and skin from direct sunlight. On other days you can play golf without headwear but on sunny days must wear a cap or a visor

The traditionalist and pros of the field make a great show of their caps. They acknowledge the people sitting in the gallery with a graceful tip of their hats while walking to the 18th green of the golf course on Sundays. Moreover, they never forget to take off their hats once the match finishes. All these hat-related traditions are a show of respect. That’s how important headwear is in the game of golf.

Golf course gloves

Gloves are not essential for occasional players. However, you should buy a pair if you are planning to play for long. The main consideration while purchasing golf gloves is to find the right size. You don’t want to have any negative effect of wrong size gloves on your grip of the golf club. A very important thing about golf gloves is that right-handed golf players wear their gloves on their left hand and vice versa. In any case, a golfer plays with only one hand gloved, something to do with grip and swinging. However, if you want to give novice vibes on the golf greens then you can wear gloves on both hands too. Buy something that fits right and is durable if you intend to keep golf your hobby for longer.


Some accessories for the golf course

Sunglasses and sweatbands are accessories most associated with golf. Although not everyone wears them, many golfers prefer to gear up completely when going down on the golf field. When you are buying sunglasses for golf, make sure that while they can protect your eyes from sunlight, they should not be too dark to obstruct your view, you need a clear vision to make your aim in the game of golf. Some trendy glasses can distort visual angles and distance due to their designs. Leave them in favor of those that are specially designed for games like golf. Sweatbands are multipurpose. They give a cool vibe on the golf course and absorb unwanted sweat. You can wear a sweatband on your forehead or wrists, or both.


Final Thoughts

Comfort should be the most important concern for any athlete. Like all other players, golfers should also prefer to wear comfortable clothes to play efficiently for longer without getting uncomfortable. As for style and trend, while you don’t necessarily need to make a fashion statement, making blunders is frowned upon in a golf course. Stick to comfortable, subtly stylish, and simple attire but always keep all the dos and don’ts of golf clothing etiquettes when you get ready for the game. While glitzy patterns and large fonts on your golf clothes are not the norms of golf, you can always go for elegant custom golf apparel. You can customize your golf shirt with your sign or name to make an identity statement. Sublimated golf shirts are most popular these days if you want to go for customization. All in all, if you want to enjoy golfing, get your basics right so you can efficiently mingle in the golf community to enjoy playing and spectating the game.

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