5 Biggest Sports Marketing Trends That Could Shape 2021

The year 2020, due to COVID-19 has unapologetically disrupted our day-to-day lives. Along with this, various industries like manufacturing, technology, finance, construction, mining, insurance, transport, retail, and many more have faced a huge financial loss due to this ongoing pandemic across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over all aspects of our life- and the sports industry is no exception. To cope up with this overwhelming situation, digital technology including other sport marketing trends will unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth in the sports industry. The year 2021 will overall shape the future through innovative and customized experiences in the field of sports. 


As we look toward the year 2021, we have mentioned below the biggest marketing trends that will positively impact the sports sector.


Demand for Robust Mobile Applications

It’s no surprise that the mobile app development industry is constantly thriving with more than 2.7 billion smartphone users globally. To meet the growing demand of the users, the sports industry will provide numerous robust mobile applications to prospective customers. These smartphone-friendly apps will provide up-to-date information, send a last-minute update, special announcements, track payments, edit team events as well as give deeper insights about the players and matches. 

Implementation of Wearable Technology

In the year 2020, wearable technology has surpassed worth $2.5 billion globally which is expected to grow significantly from 2021. Wearable Technology has drastically evolved over the years with fascinating innovations, functions, and upgraded gadgets. The wearable electronic products will again rule the year 2021 through virtual, augmented, mixed reality devices, including a combination of cameras, inertial measurement units, depth sensing, chemical sensors, 3D imaging,  that will help sports players in the industry to keep track of their health in the absence of a physician/doctor. 


With increasing cases of health issues due to coronavirus, the implementation of upgraded wearable technology will add more value to the sports industry.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality

Immersive technologies such as Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality has become an integral part of the sports sector. Despite the lockdown situation, it has offered millions of fans a new experience while sitting at home. With the perfect combination of AR, 5G, and artificial intelligence, these tools will present a lifetime experience in the next few months as stadiums cannot be filled entirely due to pandemics. Moreover, the fair use of artificial intelligence in sports is anticipated to gain traction in the future.


In the last few years, Esports has grown tremendously with a huge fan base. The casual gamers have chances to even rake in seven-figure earnings along with cash prizes and massive brand endorsements. The sports industry has already built many esports apps where the gamer can tune to all live sports happening around the world. As the esports system is gradually expanding, we expect to see dramatic growth with more additional features. It will further influence hard-to-reach audiences.

Voice Search

Voice Technology is another marketing trend leading to the next wave of content searches and social conservation. In the coming years, voice search will become the medium of commerce across the world in the sports industry. With the help of automated voice assistance across various platforms, it will bring revolution into sports. 


To be successful in sports marketing, you need to keep an eye on the latest marketing trends. The above trends we have listed will disrupt the industry and bring more opportunities in 2021. 


Therefore, explore the latest trends, technologies, and innovative methods to map out the path for the sports industry.

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