Yoga that soothes the brain and relaxes the body: 3 easy postures

If yoga enthusiasts always seem relaxed, it’s no accident! Yoga is a sports practice that allows you to relax while toning your body. It is an ideal sport for those who wish to lose weight, build muscles, let off steam, de-stress … there are several varieties of yoga, from the most athletic to the most relaxed. If you are looking for easy yoga poses that calms the brain and relaxes the body, follow the guide!

Yoga that soothes the brain and relaxes the body for all levels

The advantage of yoga is that it is a sport that is accessible to everyone. Although it requires physical effort, it requires a lot of gentlenesses and may be suitable for the elderly as well as pregnant women. The other good news is that even beginners will be able to try their hand at yoga which calms the brain and relaxes the body because the postures we suggest can be adapted to all levels!

1. Cat pose

Also called marjaryasana in Sanskrit, the cat pose is the perfect example of yoga that calms the brain and relaxes the body. This is a position that comes up often in beginner classes because it is relatively easy to achieve.

Start by getting on all fours, on the palms of your hands, making sure your knees are in line with your hips and slightly apart from your knees. Hollow out the back by breathing in deeply and then, exhaling, round the back. Reproduce ten times. This posture looks like a cat stretching, hence its name! It allows us to stretch and soften the spine very gently!

2. Chair posture

This yoga posture which soothes the brain and relaxes the body simply consists of reproducing the movement that you make while sitting on a chair… except that in this exercise, there is no chair! Start standing, keeping your feet parallel and slightly apart and extending your arms above your head as high as possible.

Then bend your knees maintaining a 90-degree angle. The weight of the body should be in the heels, then you should push to come back up and regain the starting position. This posture builds endurance and helps to relax, both physically and mentally.

3. Savasana or corpse posture

Also known as the corpse pose, savasana looks a lot easier than it actually is! Whoever performs it must lie down on the ground by relaxing all his muscles. Gradually you will feel the tension leaving your body and mind. You have to let go and explore your body from the inside while remaining lying down without moving. For some people, boredom is guaranteed after a few minutes… and that’s why savasana is such a complicated posture! Nonetheless, it will be perfect for those looking for yoga that soothes the brain and gently relaxes the body.

How yoga entered my life about 7 years ago

Yoga has gradually entered my life. Seven years ago, we ran, we went to the gym, we did a lot of Zumba… and we regularly heard about this practice. Out of curiosity, I tested a few courses that didn’t suit me. Until we discovered Bikram yoga in nice and got hooked.

This dynamic, physical, little spiritual yoga was my gateway. The sequence is always the same and we quickly saw results in terms of flexibility and balance. We felt good at the end of class.

Back in Rishikesh a year later, we met yogi and we joined her Hatha and yin classes. We start to follow it regularly and we enrol in a studio in Rishikesh. We practice than every day, with different teachers and we understand that yoga goes beyond the physical. Yoga becomes my balance.

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