Wondering what to buy for Rakhi? Best Rakhi gifts for brother in 2021

There are very few relationships that are as special as the bond between brother and sister. And this Rakhi, it is every sister’s responsibility to make Rakhi memorable for their brother. The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of lifestyles and many celebrations have been dampened. But that is no excuse for not putting effort into this year’s Rakhi. If anything, this year should be extra special because it is a chance to prove that social distancing cannot break the beautiful bond between siblings.

Generally, the custom was for the sister to tie a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist, and the brother would shower gifts for his sister to show his love and affection. But times are changing and these days sisters are coming forward and gifting her brother with special gifts too. It is only natural to want to reciprocate.

Your brother has probably always been there for you, and this is the time to show your appreciation. Many unique and intriguing Rakhi gifts can be bought at different online websites these days. A customer doesn’t have to be limited by the selections of offline stores anymore. Indeed, shopping for Rakhi gifts for your brother is the best choice this year, given the current situation. There are many online gifting stores with great collections and good delivery charges, and among them, Oyegifts happens to be the best one.

Even if you are lacking Rakhi ideas for your brother this year, look no further. We have compiled a list for you so that you can glance through it and decide on what significant gift would suit your brother.

Some people prefer the old-fashioned Rakhi designs but your brother may not be one of them. This year, you can surprise your brother by tieing a personalized Rakhi on his wrist. There are many ways to get a personalized Rakhi made from one of the online stores and this will be a great way to celebrate the pious bond between you two. Beautiful designs are available and there are also some wooden ones, where the name is carved out of wood and added to a simple thread.

  • Chocolates

Rakhi gifts for brothers has to include some chocolates. If your brother is young and has a sweet tooth, he will definitely appreciate a new box of chocolate for his special day. As before with the Rakhi designs, you can also provide a nice twist with this Rakhi gift idea too. It is also possible to make a personalized box of chocolate. Oyegifts does a wonderful job of creating delectable chocolate boxes with a unique design. You can choose how to personalize the cover designs of the boxes. As mentioned before, this would make a great gift for younger brothers.

  • Coffee Mugs

Even though drinking coffee can lead to caffeine addiction, many of us can’t seem to control our love for coffee. If your brother happens to be a coffee lover, gifting him a personalized coffee mug will make his day. A good sturdy ceramic mug will be of use to him, and some witty quote or a personal message on the mug will remind him of you no matter where he is. The important thing is to get it done by professionals so that the mug is microwave-safe and lasts for a long time.

  • Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are all the rage right now. It is easy to forget about being mindful of our health, but fitness trackers are a great way to keep us on our toes. Good smartwatches have a variety of functions in addition to showing the current time. Gifting your brother a sleek smartwatch might be a good Rakhi gift idea for this year. These gadgets also have a wide range of prices, so you can choose one that fits your budget.

  • Sports shoes

Is your bro a sports junkie? If yes, then he is probably trying his best to save up enough money to buy his best sports sneakers. If you know his preferences, this year is a great chance to give him what he’s been saving up for! There can be no doubt that a pair of good sports shoes can be the best gift to a sports enthusiast.

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Additionally, you can explore travel bags, wallets or stylish belts too. There are a lot of options and browsing from home will cost you no effort at all. Don’t forget to choose the main gift: the Rakhi itself. Many colorful ones, some with idols of gods and goddesses attached with them made nice gifts.

Customers should choose an online delivery service that keeps to its schedules and has a good delivery network. Even if your budget is under Rs. 1000, many websites will offer you good choices for Rakhi gift ideas. Do not waste this opportunity to make special memories.

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