Why Do Most Beginner Bloggers Fail? : Top 5 Reasons

A blog acts as a way for a user to provide information to people, in various niches. And with the advent of digital marketing, blogs have become one of the most important marketing tools. According to the recent statistics, there are more than 570 million blogs on the internet at present and this number is not going to go down any time soon. Even though such a large number of blogs exist on the internet, the majority of them are written by beginner bloggers. Since they have just started, they fail to understand the most crucial aspect of writing a blog. Which is to provide clear and concise information, which is backed up by facts.

When you visit the blog homepage of a beginner blogger, you will see a collection of blogs. Which is presented in reverse chronological order – from the latest to the oldest. 

But if the blogs are filled with just explanatory content, then a random internet user will not stay on the blog page longer. Thus a beginner blogger needs to make sure that the initial lines of his blogs are written in such a manner. That they can grasp the reader’s attention.

Why do most beginner bloggers fail?- Top 5 Reasons

Not Creating Engaging Content

If you are a beginner blogger, then you need to make sure that you write engaging content in your blog. In other words, the initial lines of your blog must be able to tell the reader that what your blog is going to be about…

Apart from that, you have to write the blog in a manner that it is talking to the user. This will help you to create engaging content for your blog and the reader will become more invested in seeing the kind of content your blog has to offer. 

Since you are a beginner blogger, you will not be able to create engaging content on your first go. But if you do sufficient research and write a specific number of blogs. Then you will be able to write engaging and quality content for your blog.

Lack of Patience

Any beginner blogger should understand that his initial blogs won’t be ranking-worthy. But what they will provide him with his experience. And the more blogs, the better he will get. 

But what most beginner bloggers lack patience. It can even take months for him to even get to the point, where he can write his first blog. Which has quality content and is ranking worthy.

Thus in hindsight, it can be said that patience is the key to becoming a successful blogger

Low Productivity Level

A plethora of beginner bloggers, try to write in multiple genres at the same time by thinking that this way, they will earn more money. But the truth of the matter is that they will just end up writing quality content.

So as a beginner blogger, you must adhere to a certain productivity level and then keep maintaining while you are writing blogs. You must not become lazy. 

As that will soon become a habit and will become one of the important reasons, why you failed, in your initial stages of being a beginner blogger.

Choosing The Wrong Niche

Every beginner blogger before writing his first must choose the specific niche in which he will write his blogs. Because if you have an interest in technology. But are instead writing a blog in another niche, then you will never reach your full potential.

So it very important that as a beginner blogger, you choose the best niche for you, which you will write your blog in. 

The niche or genre you choose must be of interest to you, as this way the content quality of your blogs will get better and enriching with the progressing time.

Attraction of Money

A legion of beginner bloggers only starts writing blogs because they want to earn huge chunks of money. But this should never be the case.

As a beginner blogger, you must ut your entire focus on generating quality content only because the more well-written your blogs, the more clients you will acquire and thus earn a good amount of money.

So if you want to travel the journey from being a beginner blogger to a professional blogger, then you must ensure that you are consistently writing quality content in your blogs.

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