What should you look for when choosing an online tutor?

Are you searching for a good online subject/language tutor? If the answer is a firm and resounding YES, you have landed on the apt page. Finding an online tutor can be a tough task because there are hundreds and thousands of them. Do they have relevant skills? Can they teach you as efficiently as the teacher in your school/college? 

Whether it is for your child or yourself, finding a good tutor can take a toll on your mental health. The objective is to find a tutor who can teach you efficiently and also makes learning engaging and fun. Every student has a different learning pace and that’s why it is vital for the tutor to engage the student. Moreover, the tutor needs to ensure that they teach at a pace that is comfortable for the student. 

Yes, we understand that you are in a dilemma and you need to get it right the first time. 

Many queries are clouding up your head and that’s why we thought of simplifying the procedure. There are certain things you need to look for in an online tutor. This article shall unravel the same. Keep reading! 

What’s your goal? 

You must be clear about your objectives. Why do you need a personal/online tutor? There could be various reasons for this. Some of them are listed below: 

  1. You want to complete your pending homework. Some students require external guidance and help from an expert. Finishing homework is not easy, especially when you do not understand certain topics. Thus, a student may want a tutor to help with homework. 
  2. The objective is to learn a new language. Many people wish to learn a new foreign language because they want to move to another country. They find that learning a new language can open new doors for them. 
  3. Brushing up your English language skills could be another reason to hire an online language tutor. Some tutors can help you with corporate English and others can make you practice verbal and written English. 
  4. Do you wish to boost your grades? If yes, then an online tutor would help you practice difficult Mathematics sums. There are hundreds of subject tutors who can help you understand tough concepts. You will be prepared for exams and would also make a good impression in a physical classroom. 

Establishing the objective or goals is an essential step. If you are still not aware of why you want to hire an online tutor, you must rethink and find a good reason. 

Tutor’s Overall Expertise 

There are some tutors who have exceptional and in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. They may not require a degree or a certification to teach you. How would you know that they are experienced and can teach you efficiently? There are some online tutoring platforms like Evopry wherein tutors give a demo class before you can hire them. If you are satisfied with their methodology of teaching, you can hire them on an hourly basis. 

Besides this, you must check the educational background of the tutor. In case they do not have a degree, check their expertise in the subject. Did they get straight A’s in school/high school? 

Do not opt for the first tutor you find on a platform. You can ask them as many questions as you are 100% satisfied with. 

Teaching experience 

Some online tutors have experience teaching in schools and colleges. If your tutor is in college, they may have some teaching experience too. Many college students do part-time tutoring and they would have some proof of their experience. 

Nonetheless, you can check the experience on the tutor’s profile. You have to head to their profile and check the relevant experience. 

Online language tutors would have some kind of certification in English. Perhaps they have taught school students too. If you want an English tutor, you should check their verbal and written abilities. If they speak well and have a good educational background, you can learn spoken English from them. A Native speaker from any country can help you learn a new language.

The reputation of the tutor

Online tutoring platforms showcase the reputation of all the tutors onboard. You can check their ratings and reviews before hiring them. We would suggest that a demo class would be the best way to judge someone’s skills.

But, if you want to check the reviews and ratings – that is also a possibility. 


Now, this is a very crucial question. Is the tutor available at the time you want to study? They may have other students too. So, please ask relevant questions before hiring them on an hourly basis. 


So, you have found the right tutor but the pricing is not student-friendly. Budget is also a consideration for students. Some students can afford $10 an hour and others want a good online tutor for $5 an hour. 

Check the hourly pricing before hiring an online tutor. 

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that you would consider the above-mentioned pointers before hiring a tutor. Look for someone who is patient, hardworking, understanding, passionate about the subject and teaching. 

Before anything else, you must think of the objective and then contact online tutors. We hope you will find what you are looking for! 

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