Use The Instant Indexing Plugin To Beat Your Competition And Rank Higher

It’s not a secret anymore if Google hasn’t instant index post, it won’t be found through search.


However, depending on a variety of on-site and off-site SEO factors, getting Google to crawl and eventually index a new website can take anywhere from a few days to approximately a month. Unfortunately, Google does not provide a precise answer on how long it takes to index a new site.


There are a few things you can do to help Google crawl and index a new site faster, and this post will go through each one of them.


What Exactly Are Crawling And Indexing?

To be sure we’re all on the same page, let’s go over the basics and address the question: How does Google crawling and indexing work?

Crawling is the process through which Google sends specialized software (known as Googlebot, crawler, or spider) to gather unstructured data from new and current websites.


Google uses this information to learn about the site, pages. and then assigns specific keywords and phrases to the crawled pages. Puts them in a list known as an index. And it is called an instant index post. Google quickly checks the list of indexed sites when users submit a search term.


How To Get Website Posts Indexed Quickly?

In the digital age, we often ask ourselves how to get website posts indexed quickly? It is necessary to get a new site scanned and indexed by Google. There are solutions available to help you influence and speed up the indexation process for your website’s crawl and indexation. 


  • Google Search Console is a great tool for triggering instant index posts. The program, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, allows you to enter URLs directly into the search field. This web service provides access to all crawling statistics as well as additional indexing-related data.


  • When it comes to getting your site scanned faster, Search Console is your greatest friend.


  • XML sitemaps might help your site be ranked faster. By heading to Sitemaps Add a New Sitemap, you may generate a sitemap using a variety of tools and submit it to your Google Search Console account. SE Ranking may also be found in SE Ranking.


  • Take advantage of social media to make your index post instantly rank faster on the web. Before you start your website, create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Engage in interactions with your fans to increase the crawling rate of new pages.


  • A high number of high-quality inbound links aids Googlebot in finding your website more quickly. You may expedite your link-building efforts by publishing answers on Q&A websites such as Quora and leaving comments with links to Dofollow blogs and forums that allow you to send along “link juice.”


  • If Google indexes your blog post or homepage, all of your other web pages must be linked as well. It is preferable to distribute high-quality links uniformly among the pages most crucial to your site’s user conversion funnel. If you have a poor link structure, make an effort to improve it.


  • If a website is updated continuously, Google has more reasons to visit and crawl it again. Avoid being labeled as a low-quality page. And ensure that the information is of high value to the audience. If you don’t keep your site updated regularly, you’ll have a difficult time getting it back up and running.


  • The navigation of your website might have a beneficial influence on indexing performance. Make your website simple to use for both humans and robots. Make it easy and consistent by including the related articles section.


To answer your question about how to get website or blog posts, or WordPress blog posts indexed quickly it is important to make sure your site is of good quality so that Google prioritizes crawling and index your blog post higher than lower quality websites. The most essential thing, according to Google, is to make your site “great,” which is easier said than done.



A new website must be inspected and instant index post by Google. There are methods available to assist you in influencing and speeding up the crawl and indexation process for your website.

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