Top 5 PHP frameworks for Web Development

PHP Frame work

It takes quite a lot of work in developing a website or an app including recreating functions that have already been made over a thousand times, which provides zero efficiency and a lot of wasted time. Software frameworks targets the very problem that causes developers to recreate those same functions endlessly by providing a foundational framework. To handle the progress in a professional manner it is sensible to hire a php development services or find a php web development company in india that will most likely provide you with digital marketing services as well.

Framework in software development generally refers to a collection of files which covers basic functions to facilitate ease and efficiency otherwise it will require a lot of functions to code if you plan to start from scratch. To give an example in layman’s terms, imagine yourself cooking which would require some basic ingredients but with them you’ll also require utensils which if we started to make from scratch does not make sense. So take those utensils as the functions that will act as the php framework for web development. Now when you do start with building a web page or app,it is better to look for a framework that provides all the functions that you’ll need. Luckily they are available in a variety of options to choose from with different benefits and downfalls varying from one framework to another.

Before we start you should know that all tools are unique and the mentioned list is based on technical specifications and facilitating efficiency.


Laravel is one the most renowned frameworks of all and is generally found on the top of the list when talking about php frameworks for web development. What sets this one apart is its easiness and pleasurable work experience. Laravel gives access to functions such as caching, session management, user authentication etc. which helps avoid a ton of ground to begin with. In technical reasons, laravel works quite well with third party libraries which enables a highly in developing scalable application and in long term furthers in improving workability and overall performance.

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Codelgniter uses a model view controller structure, a very likable architecture for web developers. In simple terms Codelgniter works with different factors for particular tasks for development which allows developers to build applications of smaller footprints.

As mentioned above it is quite beneficial for beginners to choose Codelgniter to get started with as it provides strong performance and builds light applications suitable for average servers.


Even with the reputation of giving not so great performance, symfony is counted with the names of some top php frameworks because of its high flexibility allowing you to set up separate components. This framework comes with a built in test function and due to its great documentation, it’s easy to learn how to use the platform.


Zend is often referred to as object oriented by its users with good reasons. Its a MVC based framework which enables you to use the components that you want as separate libraries of functions. It allows you to target the components that you actually want to work with and ignore the rest of the functions. This object oriented approach allows the developers to make good use of the code multiple times that they have already written. Moreover it is easy to extend its functionality due to its easy integration with external libraries.

On the downside, with a complex build up, it can be challenging to make a sudden move from lets say laravel to zend which does not make it suitable for beginners but experience holders, zend could be quite fruitful and for those who like coding object oriented.

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Phalcon when in proper use results in some of the fastest working frameworks at present due to the fact that it is a C extension of the php framework for web development meaning that its source code is written in C.

Phalcon comes to be a quite manageable development process given the fact that it comes with almost no files during its installation but instead you can add the libraries based on the time and need of the developer. Moreover it provides high end results and lives up to its name with an MVP architecture and light on sources nature.

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