Tips To Upgrade Your Guest Room And Make It Comfortable

COVId-19 has affected our lives and it has significantly changed our lifestyle. Planning for vacation during this corona time seems difficult. But, traveling to see your family is not a bad idea. In these uncertain times, there could be nothing more comforting than being surrounded air by people who love you. You can travel to your relative’s house or you can also invite them.

If you are expecting overnight guests at your home, then you should spruce up the guest rooms in your house. You should ensure a comfortable and cozy ambiance in their room so that they will have a good experience at your home.

If your guests are visiting your home during the summer season, then you should consider calling professionals for maintenance of air conditioning Sydney. The guest room upgrade does not take too much time and also it is budget-friendly. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss various tips and tricks to make your room comfortable:

High-Quality Bedding

Bedding plays a very important role in making the guest’s bedroom comfortable. Therefore, while upgrading this room of your house, you should consider paying attention to comfy bedding. For different people, the meaning of comfortable bedding is entirely different.

I would recommend you choose padded mattress covers along with soft bedsheets and pillowcases. During the summer season, you should lightweight cotton blanket. During the winter season, you should choose a cozy fleece blanket.

Keep Bed Away From Wall

You should keep the bed away from the wall. You should maintain the distance of 24” between the wall and bed. After moving the bed, you should add a surface that adds light on both sides. You can integrate the wall mount shelf with the sconce. It is imperative to ensure that both sides of the bed have a light source and surface for placing the water glass.

Place One Chair Or Couch

Along with the bed, there should be one more sitting place. Therefore, you should consider adding a chair to the corner. This can provide a space to toss clothes or place a bag, purse or put on shoes.

Clean Closet

You should make sure that there is plenty of space inside your closet and your guests can place their clothes and accessories inside it. You should keep this closet clean and also hang some empty hangers for the guests.

Clean Drawer In Dresses

If your guests want to stay for a long time, then it is important to provide space inside the guest’s room where they can unpack their clothes. It would be easy for them to choose the clothes and various other things easily without any problem. Finding the required item regularly from the bag is a very difficult task

Set Up a Charging Station

Not able to find a single charging outlet would be quite frustrating for your guests. Therefore, you should provide one charging point for your guests. Also, it is important to make sure that this outlet is visible to the guests. If possible then make sure that there is a charging point is near the bed. Otherwise, you should connect the extension board and place it near the bed. Your guests would appreciate your small nice gesture.

Maintenance Of Air Conditioning

You should make sure that the air conditioner is working well in your guests’ room so that they do not face any problem. You should call the professionals for the air conditioners maintenance work. If you have installed ducted air conditioning Sydney at your home, then you should call the professional for maintenance of air conditioning and cleaning of ducts.

Blackout Draperies

By handing blackout draperies, you can ensure that your guests will have sound sleep during the night. This is a very simple guest’s room upgrade project that can make a big difference.

Add a Mirror or Two

You should provide one full length-mirror in the guest’s room so that your guests can get ready properly. They can check their outfit in the mirror without leaving their room. You can simply place one large size mirror. There is no necessity to purchase fancy mirrors. If your budget allows, then you can install two mirrors in the guest’s room.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

It is important to make sure that there is a proper lighting system in the guest’s room. If the guest’s room has poor lighting, then you should consider the installation of additional lamps. We recommend you install the lamp near the dressing mirror and another lamp in the corner.

There are different types of lighting fixtures available in the market and we would recommend you to use LED lighting fixtures. It is so because they are energy-efficient and can properly illuminate the room.

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