The Outdated Custom Logo Design Trends That Are Ruining Your Websites Look

Don’t just follow the out-of-date custom logo design trends we’ll discuss here because they’ll make your company look bad.

Your company logo encapsulates all of your company’s core values, promises, and potential benefits in a single image. That is why it is critical to come up with a good one. To create the artwork and plan out the marketing strategies, products, services, tag lines, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral, and customer journey that strengthen both your logo and your brand in the eyes of your prospective customer, necessitates a great deal of skill and depth of understanding.

Consider how these outdated trends make businesses look bad before rushing to design your brand or logo.

The Outdated Custom Logo Design Trends Brands Must Swear By

Take a look at the following trends to avoid in the future:

Making Use of an Arc

Sure, the golden arches in the best-known McDonald’s “m” logo are well-known around the world, but most companies that use an arc in their logo don’t do so in a unique way within the lettering itself. Instead, most businesses will shoot an arch over a bunch of lettering and call it a day. Companies have done this for as long as custom logo design has existed. Total logo blunder. Do not attempt it.

Overlapping Letters

Nothing says “small family-owned barely surviving business” like a two-word name with the first letter of each word overlapping. It requires no effort and communicates to every prospective customer that your company is on a tight budget. It also implies that the company is not putting in enough effort to build a brand and, more importantly, long-term relationships with its customers. A company logo usually remains unchanged for a long time. It’s critical to keep it simple and memorable, but not so simple that it appears the company will take a casual approach to serve customers.

Making Use of Bright Colors

While you may believe that creating a logo with a lot of bright and exciting colors will catch the attention of viewers, it can be uncomfortable for the eyes. Furthermore, using too many bright colors in your logo design can result in a clashing appearance, which looks messy and unprofessional. It can also be visually overwhelming, making the text in your graphics less visible and difficult to read.

Instead, you should strive for a balance of color and white space. Using a bright color in your Company Logo Design can be effective if it is balanced with some negative space to give the eye a rest. Setting a bold color on a neutral, uncluttered background can also help your logo stand out.

Using Overused Logo Elements

When logo designs become popular, many businesses incorporate them into their branding. However, this can lead to the overuse of certain design trends, resulting in a design that appears unoriginal and outdated. This is especially true when it comes to logo symbols and shapes.

Adding an arch to a logo is an example of an overused logo symbol. While the arch is meant to represent movement, progress, and innovation, it is so overused that it will prevent your company from standing out as a distinct entity.

Another overused custom logo design technique is the use of a double-letter overlap, which is frequently used by law firms when there are two matching capital letters in a logo. To make your logo eye-catching, fresh, and modern, avoid using generic logo designs.

Putting Random Dots

This is an unusual trend, and it’s difficult to explain why it became a trend in the first place, so it’s on this list. We’ve seen a lot of logos that use random colored dots (some in no particular order) to make the logo appear more diverse when compared to competitors. However, in most cases, this is simply a lax method of reflecting diversity. When basic design elements that have no meaning are added to a logo, its representation is lost. It gets even more confusing when a million other logos use the same concept. Spend some extra time brainstorming all the creative elements you can use to complement and represent your logo.

Chat Bubbles

Every app developer appears to want their logo to be represented by a chat bubble. When instant messaging services like MSN Messenger and ICQ Chat became popular in the mid-1990s, chat bubbles became popular. The chat bubble appears to be a must now that everyone has a smartphone and web designers want their websites to reflect that same user experience. But, let’s be honest, in an industry like technology, where things move so quickly, the fact that chat bubble logos are still so popular 25 years later is insane. Avoid doing so. Be distinct. Hire a professional Logo Design Firm to create something better for you.


If a logo design is popular, it may also indicate that it is overused and unoriginal. If you want a unique and functional design, keep these logo design trends to avoid in mind for the best results. Create a clean and captivating design to ensure your logo represents your company in the best light.

Putting your branding and logo design in the hands of a design expert is the best way to ensure their effectiveness. To get started, contact Professional Logo Design company today.

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