The Magic Of Horoscope Matching On Your Married Life


Vishwas has always had a keen interest in astrology and horoscopes since he was in school. First, he used to read papers to check his horoscope, and soon he enrolled himself in an astrology school. There he understood the actual power of horoscopes, especially horoscope matching

 He soon completed his course, started practising astrology, and helped in marriage horoscope matching, leading to many successful marriages. He became a valued member of the astrological society and earned a lot of respect for his pure and accurate predictions.

 Horoscope matching or kundali Milan is a practice that has been followed for a long time now. If we ever talk to our parents or grandparents, we mostly hear about how their horoscopes were matched before they finally got married. Match making kundali is more than a mere ritual. It is a practice that ensures a happy life for every couple.

 It is highly recommended that you must get at least an online marriage matching done before getting married. A change in one kundali can directly or indirectly affect the partner too. Last match making kundali is recommended to find out how they will affect each other’s lives.

 Why is horoscope matching required in love marriages?

 With the increase of love marriages taking place, one must not forget the roots of the religion and make sure that they must get the horoscope matching done for ensuring a healthy and happy married life despite all the love they have.

 It is true that in a love marriage, the couple has been together for a long time now. But with destiny, no one knows what might happen. 

 Without online marriage matching, the couple might be happy and satisfied before marriage. They might not even realise, and they might end up having issues that lead to helplessness and, the worst – separation.

 To avoid this situation from arising, marriage horoscope matching becomes necessary even if the couple will have a love marriage. Horoscope matching or Kundli Milan considers a lot of different factors ofthe bride’s and groom’s lives. This helps determine whether the

love will remain the same as before, or things might turn sour between them.

 Even though love is important in every relationship, it doesn’t need to remain the same. What might seem lovely at the beginning of the relationship might not necessarily seem the best after a few months or years. Preferences change over time, and so make habits with matchmaking.

 This is the best way to understand the capability of a couple after marriage.

 What will happen if the kundli does not match while horoscope matching?

 Since having relationships has become so common nowadays, no one does it by matching Kundalis. Falling in love happens without anybody realising it. The point of match making kundli does not even occur in anyone’s mind before falling in love. 

 Now, many times it happens that during the horoscope matching, the couple’s kundalis do not match at all. All the different factors like the Ashta Koot and the relationship between the planets and the houses are not preferable. This leads to a lot of disappointment for the couple dreaming of staying together for life.

At times like this, instead of online marriage matching, the best option to find a way of staying together is to consult an Astrologer. They will thoroughly look into both of your Kundlis and find out the best alternative to help both of you stay together.

 Therefore, there is no way to risk their child’s life just because they want to marry someone they love. This point of view is also worth thinking about and is not wrong. So, if your Gunn does not match each other during marriage horoscope matching, it might lead to a Kundli dosha.

 The problems that might arise after proper horoscope matching and their remedies


 A mismatch in the horoscope matching may lead to a lot of problems in the married life that include:

  • Unexpected fights and misunderstandings between the couple
  • Mismatch in the personality and attitude of the couple
  • Stagnant career or loss of jobs for both of them
  • An unhealthy and toxic environment at home
  • Loss of money and power
  • Absence of sexual relationship and a lot of dissatisfaction

 All these problems are too much to live with. The worst part is that problems like these might occur even in love marriages if the process of match making Kundli is not performed well in advance. Of course, one might never know what will happen after marriage, but with the kundali matching, there is always reassurance before creating the bond.

 There are a lot of different remedies to get rid of these problems in married life. A qualified astrologer can only suggest these remedies. Some remedies include:

  • Performing special pooja for the betterment of married life.
  • Performing charities, donations and social work. the more the blessing, the better your life.
  • Wearing the right gems by both the bride and groom
  • Chanting mantras to reduce the malefic effect of dosha.

 Ultimately it completely depends on the couple how they want to lead life. It all depends upon their love, personality and attitude towards each other.


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